All I wanted was tea!

Today started like most Thursdays..I woke up at 5am and headed to the gym hit the treadmill and watched 2004 Paris-Roubaix as I my motivation to work hard. After watching Magnus Bäckstedt take his win – I was stoked to get a ride in. It was cold this morning, 25 deg (in Charlotte that is like living in the North Pole cold) but I was more motivated to train and get to where I waned to be. I hoped of the treadmill and checked my HRM; I barely did a dent in what I wanted to do..No worries I will hit the road after I drop Monks off at school. Before climbing in my Jetta..I checked out my bike (Look 595 Elle) she has full Record Gruppo ,ceramic bb, ceramic rear pulleys, Strong Light CT2 ceramic coated chainrings, full ti Campy cassette and my Topolino wheelset..Yeah, I geeked out and was busted by an older guy walking up to his car. He asked “do you know the GUY who owns it?” ..”Sure do, tall and always wears pigtails” I hopped in my car fired up the diesel engine and hit the road. [A side note: I bought my car bc better gas mileage (42 miles per gallon), one day I want to convert it and I love pulling up in the carpool line and sounding louder than all the SUVs.]

I decided to grab a treat on the way home: 5 shot cappuccino for Ethan and a Chi Tea for me. After sitting in traffic and singing to the carload of business folks stuck next to me- I see Starbucks (no need to lecture me about corporate coffee..Their coffee is burnt blahblahblah-). Hmmmm…Maybe that was the problem. Maybe, 15 minutes later I would not have my “ugly cry face” on and had to have help from strangers-if I made the coffee at home.

As I drove up to the parking lot my life forever changed.

There are 3 noises that send chills down my spine 1) Monks being hurt or injured 2) getting in a car wreck 3) my bike hitting garage height bar

I just wanted to pop in Starbucks. I didn’t want to hear the sound of my bike and rack peeling off my car. I pulled into a parking spot and just sat there. I was too scared to get out and look at the bike. Tears began to well up in my eyes and that was the moment I knew I was in love with all things bike related. If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you are the same. Some people have photos of their kids (wish I could but it is preferred that I don’t. Trust me Monks is a total rockstar) or pets on myspace, blogs, facebook..But we have detailed descriptions of our loves our source of joy OUR BIKES. I climbed out of my car and my little Elle looked like an animal carcass on the side of the road. My saddle, that took ages to break in, was bent in half. The rack I received as a Xmas gift had been ripped off my car and tearing my trays in half. All I could do is put my head against my car and wish I would wake up from a crap dream. Meanwhile all the folks inside Starbucks are squished up against the window like kids looking in a toy store. I tried to take Elle’s sad little body off the car but it was cold, I was upset and the rack was too bent. Finally, a brave sole ventured out and helped me. I thanked him and he said it’s going to be OK it’s just a bike.

At that moment the kindness of strangers turned into are you kidding me..Just a bike..Just a freakin’ bike. I wanted to say to him when your dog died did your mum pat you on the head and say it was just a dog we’ll get you a new one. That might sound over the top-but I honestly appreciated all that went into my bike the time to find the perfect parts. We create a community and respect around our bikes. We blow off steam, commute and push ourselves on our bikes.
When I arrived home Monks and Ethan were hanging out and they both knew something was wrong. I blurted out- my bike is gone. I thought there would be the silence of “you jackass” looking back at me. Instead Ethan gave me a hug and informed me many have lost their bikes to the evil garage height bar.

*** We went back and measured the bar height the number posted was off by 5”***


4 Responses to “All I wanted was tea!”

  1. Oh…Pip… I’m sorry for the loss. I know the feeling well. For me, it was only a bent tray and wheel. The rest was o.k. You’ll make the Bionic Elle soon. In that I’m I’m sure. Cheer up. Think about this, it gives you a chance to go bike shopping again.

  2. Oh sista, I’m so sorry. I understand the pain. Take a look at my mountain bike that I rode for 10 years, until it was stolen, and then returned if you can belive it 3 months later looking like just got back from fighting in the middle east.

  3. well, that explains the text message you sent me yesterday. i could tell something bad had just happened but i didn’t imagine it would be so bad.
    i guess i’m lucky, i don’t have a garage nor a roof rack. however this is not the first time this has happened to a friend in the last month or so. my friend grant did the same thing trying to get into his garage at home, fortunately it only messed up the handlebars and the roof rack, everything else was fine.
    any chance of mending the mangled carcass that was once your look?
    look at it this way, you will have more chance to ride the new vanilla when it arrives.
    i’m observing a moment of silence for the look.

  4. EEEcckkkk!!! I actually curled up my shoulders and cringed my face when I read that.

    Although I’ve tended to personify my bikes and treat them as a loved one alas…in the end they are all just steel, titanium, carbon, aluminum and rubber. Think of them as you would a loved one when they leave or expire…what made them, or in this case your lovely Elle, what they are is embedded deeply within you.

    Hence, though you replace the original its never quite the same as the previous even with exactly indentical specifications.

    RIP Elle. You’re still the SHITE in my book!

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