sugar and scrolling

Another night where sleep is not happening..Ethan, Monks and the dogs are all snoring and I have been left to making Cartel buttons. Those who venture to read further..strap on your ADD caps…Most people take sleeping pills or drink special teas if they can’t sleep.  I on the other hand eat crap cereal and create a self induced sugar coma.  So far I have eaten Sugar Pops ( 2 bowls), popsycles ( a ton popscycle stix litter my desk) and 2 packets of splenda.  Folks, there is something wrong, if sugar doesn’t work I am destined for no sleep and feelin’ like ass all day at the shop.  I have also watched X-Effect- the most rere show I have ever watched..yes, it is MTV.  Somehow exes end up staying with each other while their better halves watch..Not sure why one would do this experiment  but it makes great crap TV.

On a random note:  I realize I am getting older..whenever I enter info online I have to scroll to find the year I was born.  I HAVE TO SCROLL PEOPLE!!

I had a ton of other things to write but I can’t remember any of them.  I am trying to get back in the habit of posting more..


2 Responses to “sugar and scrolling”

  1. Maybe… you’re finally getting tired enough to sleep. You’re not old… YET!

  2. At the risk of sounding old, try a banana and a glass of milk before bed. Works for me!


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