I am my own science experiment

I have decided to come clean..

Ever since I started teaching yoga I would attempt to remind myself what students go through.  I would eat a ton before I practiced – yes, it makes you feel like ass.  I would run or ride a ton and not stretch-for the love of god folks, hips and hamstrings. I would not do a damn thing for several weeks and practice-your body remembers but it makes it hard to get there.

I decided to branch out in my need to remind myself, why I do what I do.  This experiment involves me removing the following:

1) Eating well

2) Daily Yoga practice

3) Ride

4) Drinking water (why drink water when you can break several years of not    drinking soda)

When, you may ask, did I decide to start this experiment..At the end of cross season.  I did it for all those out there,who want to know-“Why in the hell do I do this?”

OK, here is the deal: I became lazy!  I became so lazy that I morphed back into my sophomore (I drink and eat crap) mode.  Instead of drinking (haven’t touched a drop for almost two years) I added candy.

All kidding aside-part 2 of my experiment begins tomorrow:

get off my ass and do the following:

1) Water

2) eat well

3) Ride

4) Yoga daily

5) Ride

6) Ride

I am starting my race season in June.

If you actually read the entire post-it is your job to hold my lazy ass accountable.

I will see some of you on the road.



7 Responses to “I am my own science experiment”

  1. You and me both darlin’…I’ll keep you honest if you do the same…we’ll compare at Booty.

    And don’t be too harsh on yourself for these lazy days…consider it life giving you a karmic vacation.

  2. I’m hooked on coca-cola and can’t get off it. I need to start yoga, what do you recommend?

  3. Get off your ass and do something! 🙂 We’ll remember.

    I start my race season tomorrow. Wish me luck… I NEED IT! It’s 87 kilometers, mostly flat and my longest ride this year has been about 70 km. Ugh!

  4. well, let’s get together and RIDE and do YOGA! 🙂

  5. wow, pretty interesting. I started my race season today…Battenkill Roubaix: took 15 minutes off my ’06 time (skipped it in ’07)

  6. Ha ha! At least you’re actively making the choice …. good luck woman! I’m impressed … don’t think I could pull off the experiment without the relapse! :-p Life is fu***d up when you ARE what you (or what you don’t) eat!!

  7. I will hold you accountable because I’m doing basically the same thing. I’ve been started going to Christine’s 1.5 hr sunday sessions at yogaone because I didn’t know if you were still teaching at the shop. Today I drank water, ate well, swam 700 yds, tomorrow I will ride to work. 😀 Next time trial is in a week!

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