Speed Week -Black Sheep Cartel Rocks the Pink

Speed week has come to an end. I can not tell ya’ll how much one week changed my life. The first road race I ever saw was the Tour DuPont in Blowing Rock NC. I was working at a bike shop and we were neutral support..basically I took photos and watched. It was the first year Lance was back..I will not forget how awesome it felt and sounded as the riders passed. Since then I had decided it must have been bc I was young and Lance was pretty damn cool. Until, the past week I went to the Spartanburg race too take pix and I arrived early to attempt my first crit. The only person I told was Ethan and he was sworn to secrecy. If you have read my last blog I am slowly getting back in shape. I personally need total humiliation to get my ass in gear. I was strong at the start and up the hill. I was attempting to stay strong as I watched every rider pass me. I did a lap and a half and I stopped. The usual thoughts of what do I tell people ran through my head ( tire blew, tire rolled,I fell, I cramped..I died)..I decided to try another approach..when people asked I said,” I gave up..I quit”. But, that one lap changed my life..I freakin loved it. The same night the guys raced and we had to introduce our two new riders to the other teams. Aldo and Vladimir are both from Slavinia and are bad ass riders. The entire race I was so stoked to watch Spencer ( my adopted little brother) race in his first Pro race..each lap I screamed for the guys like a loud soccer Mom ( with rebel yells). At the end of the race Aldo won..and everyone finished. It was crowded and I couldn’t even get to the barriers ( thank God for Yoga)..I slid under and around jumped the fence and tackled the guys. All while other teams are being professional and I am crying..I will write more in a bit. Gotta drop flyers off at bike shops…IF YOU ARE IN CHARLOTTE AND READING THIS: we are trying to collect old or new bike clothing,shoes and gear to be sent to a Serbian bike club who is in need. Email me with questions or drop them of at the shop.




4 Responses to “Speed Week -Black Sheep Cartel Rocks the Pink”

  1. Congrats…that is great news, but what up with the Michael Jackson-esque hospital mask, HA!

  2. Nice… so that’s what all the driving was for. Geez lady! That’s a bit insane but it’s cool that you’re continuing to try. That’s a lot more than most people would do.

  3. just don’t say ” You can do it” or it is over…the day I drove 8 hours was just to take pix..no riding except to train:)

  4. ChrisGo Says:

    Funny I have that same thought process during races, especially races I don’t normally do all that well in. Then I realize I’ve told way to many people I was racing and I don’t want to have to explain some elaborate lie about how I had a “mechanical” or some other bs excuse and couldn’t finish. If I start I must finish. That and my fear of finishing last, which I’m happy to say hasn’t happened yet (knocking on wood).
    It’s a great feeling to see someone who really deserves to win win something.
    Good to hear you racing!
    High fives all around!!

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