see through shorts..Lance Armstrong and cruisers

I believe this might be one of the most random blogs I have written..alright that is total crap, but this is random.  Yesterday I went on a solo ride and without an ipod..yes, I listen to an iPod ( at least I didn’t say walkman or the CD players that have the 15 sec delay for going over bumps) but only in one ear.  Anyway, I went for a spin around the Booty Loop.  There were a  ton of folks riding so I ditched the listen to music idea.  I had the usual ride and met a few folks..after awhile I rode alone and actually enjoyed not having music ( I hate hearing myself breath)..I enjoyed being with my own thought and my own concerns with the world..I will take you through a few…1) Lance Armstrong is now dating Kate Hudson..why do I care..hmm, I really don’t yet an article I read (yes, I love crap gossip mags) it said how Kate is an cyclist who would have a lot in common with Lance. That means there are 4 year olds who would have alot in common with Lance.  hmm..naw I guess I really  don’t care 2)” I am soooo hungry if I were at home I would be..focus on riding and what you want to work on…I would be eating a bowl of cereal with soy milk..damn it, now all I can think about is” 3) why is it OK to wear see through shorts in public on a bike but not just cruising around.  Since I started my ride I have seen more cracks than a girl can handle ( maybe I should ride faster..granted I wasn’t working on that but for my own sanity I must) But, does that mean someone is having the same thought when I am in front of them.   4) Why is it OK to change in the middle of a parking lot when bike kits are involved. I am guilty of it and at times I have caught my foot in my short and had a full body spaz out in the hopes to keep my dignity ( never happens)..I lay in the parking lot like a I had been hit by a net gun

back to public half nakedness: I was born in the UK..I ran around on the beach nakies when I was a do most kids in the EU..Cycling is a well respected sport in Europe..maybe by relation it is OK to show your crack in public…

Naked on beach as kid + Europe+bikes= public crack sharing

next time I am listening to music.




4 Responses to “see through shorts..Lance Armstrong and cruisers”

  1. Ah…. I’ve seen some lovely and some really, really scary butt cracks on bikes in my day. Oddly enough, I see less bike ones here in Europe than I ever did in K.C. Now, I just get the average German walking around naked down by the river from the time it’s above freezing until it’s back to snowing again. They love their NAKED time. It’s called FKK (translated Free Body (Korper) Kulture).

  2. Your latest random offering is the perfect setup for telling your readers to “Don’t Do Crack!”

    And this is probably not the forum to get into the whole, “Why aren’t Euros as obsessed with nakedness,” as we seem to be…a girl I used to date couldn’t even say “naked” as she thought it was to dirty a word. But, like most she would unabashedly whip everything off after an event so she wouldn’t have to stay in the see through lycra.

    I guess my only concern or comment would be to watch those pebbles and other random articles while rolling around in the parking lot as getting one of those things caught in a crack is never a good thing.

  3. Almost forgot…that Armstrong thing is ridiculous…be on the lookout for a post on that soon.

  4. just be glad you were not behind a guy with white bike shorts in a torrential rain storm. i was out on a group ride tuesday night when a storm blew in. we were far from home and chose to hammer it to get home. somehow mr. white shorts kept getting in front of me much to my displeasure, yikes!
    white kits can look pretty cool when dry, however when they get wet they are nearly transparent.

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