random thoughts to update

I have noticed the following when riding in the early morning:

1) at 4:30a.m. putting a helmet on is tricky

2) with my light on my bars I can make cool shadow puppets

3) the shadow puppets can be made to eat cars and rednecks with one bite ( think kids in the hall ..”I’m squishing your head”)

4) I can sing really loud while riding and no one can see me ( even if they can..I don’t care it is 4:30, they are either just getting in from a bar or they just got up)…I believe singing on my bike to be like einging in the shower..to you ..it sounds good.

5) In NC it can be 80 degrees in the morning

6) my fear of birds has ended..New fear…in NC bats can fly into your face while riding down a hill.

7) The day of the living Dead…

So in the next few days I plan to flesh out these thoughts…hope ya’ll are well and DONATE for 24 hours of booty…(www.24hoursofbooty.com….Last name Gregson)




2 Responses to “random thoughts to update”

  1. there is nothing worse than while taking the walk of shame home at dawn or later and getting passed by someone riding or for that matter any type of physical activity. i always have a feeling that everyone who sees me knows i have been out all night drinking. i’m sure the bloodshot eyes and severely disheveled clothing makes it rather obvious.
    i commend your ability to get up at 4:30 am and do anything let alone go for a ride.

  2. LOVE the “Kids in the Hall” reference!

    Great blog. I enjoy reading about another rider. See you at the Booty ride.

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