Over the past week I worked with Lose the Training Wheels – I had an amazing week of being reminded why I love to ride. When we shift from just riding: to taking a stand (cars suck), lose some extra weight, meet with a group or training for a race..We forget what we fell in love with-freedom.

I am guilty of jumping on my bike and picking apart everything that is not running right. I can ride and bitch about the heat,cold..general crap weather and drivers that ignore me..but, I can also take a ride and feel a breeze on my face. With each pedal stroke I gain what I let daily living has taken away..Freedom!

When I was a kid I loved cruising on my 10 speed with my summer kit on: Swim team bathing suit, flip flops,towel around neck and zinc on an overly burnt nose.

This week I was introduced to Sam he is 18 and from eastern NC…He wanted only 1 thing! He wanted to learn to ride a bike.

Monday morning was the first time he had been on a Wednesday I no longer walked next to him to help him out..I had to run at a dead sprint to keep up. You think I am kidding..By the end of 75 min my pigtails were tied back into two little knots of sweaty hair. Sam would rail on me about sweating too much. On Thursday he rode a 2 wheeler all by himself..I looked over and saw his Mum I looked back at Sam and said,”Man, I am so proud of you”..he then said “hey,Pip I am really really proud of myself”….That was the moment that I turned on the waterworks..This was a total babble..I wanted to post the pix so I gave you a little background..


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  1. I’ve never heard of this organization before. Excellent idea.

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