The market is bad..but cancer is worse

Yeah, the title sounds pretty harsh.  Next week is 24 hours of Booty, I am kinda freaking out..The market had bombed and everyones budgets have kicked into high gear.  Last year I rocked on the donation front this year…did I mention the market???  I appreciate all those who have donated…I am amazed how those who I  know by photos and words are such an amazing support.  I realize money is tight..ditch Starbucks or OK magazine ( I am guilty..I gotta know what Britney Spears and Lance Armstrong are up to) and donate..( Monks gave me his “good boy money” and said it was for “Pop”).

OK enough of the donate…donate..donate section.

I have been attempting to get rides in( I have yet to get a fixie ride in…SA-WEET) so I am not on deaths door 12 hours in…I have been riding on the Booty Loop and yes the same 2.8 miles gets old pretty damn fast…The only times I can squeeze a ride in is 4:30 a.m.- many mornings I hit snooze..the third time of hitting snooze I usually jolt out of bed throw my kit on eat and I am out the door.  I set my gear up like a freakin’ fireman..I can get everything on in 2 steps.  I have to be honest…it is not my desire of hitting 300 miles ( what in the hell was I thinking..might be a repeat of 250); it is Maggie!

Every morning I hit my first lap and search for super bright blinkers, a hybridish road bike and a steady pace.  Each morning I yell good morning to Maggie.  For about 2 months I didn’t know her name..but we had an automatic friendship from a “Good Morning” and we are the only souls out there.  We ride on different loops but on a flat we see each other on opposite sides of the road. As we both pedal to the solo section I always want to know who she is and what is her story. It is pretty dark around that time of the morning..I could tell she was older but not her true age.  What Maggie doesn’t know- She is my motivation..I feel like I am not holding up my end of our routine if I sleep in.  I finally decided that I should suck it up and chat with her… Maggie is forever my idol.  She is what I love about riding.  She, is what I love about waking up at the crack of dawn.  She, is what I want to be when I am 80 years old…Maggie is an 80 year old woman who “was always a bridesmaid” as she put it..she didn’t have time for anything but her bike.  As we ride side by side I want hop of my bike and give her a big ass tell her- you are a total bad ass.  I figured she is 80 and that would not go over that well.  She then told me she used to race!  She told me stories of being one of the only women in the South to race and had to compete with men ( did I mention she is a bad ass).  I asked her how far she rides and she said every morning she puts in 20 miles (no more no less).  She told me how riding has been her constant..her anchor..even when she was hit by a car ( a few years ago downtown).  She asked me how far I ride and I told her I was doing 24 Hours of Booty..she then said,” well I have had cancer” (this woman is makes me feel like a slack ass) “and I figure I don’t need to ride in it- anyways I am impressed when I wake up in the morning”.  Before we turned off in different directions she said ” Don’t stop”…” Don’t stop riding and don’t let anyone tell you when to it on a bike or in life”…As Maggie kept riding I could fsee my legs going in circles but I couldn’t feel them…

When I teach yoga I am a big fan of reminding students ” everyone is your teacher”..It sounds hokey; but, if you think about it, it is true.  I am even talking about the jack-ass who cut you off in traffic.  You learned, switching lanes drinking coffee and talking on your phone is a dumb idea.  My students teach me where I am weak and where I am solid.

Maggie taught me that if you listen to strangers you can hear words from those we miss.  When she said “don’t stop” I felt like I was riding with my Dad and we were figuring out how to better a situation (or at least not bag out).  She also taught me that the boundaries others put around us are just that..they are their boundaries-not ours.

Next time you are riding maybe you should say hello to the guy you always see…who knows who or what they are.

Did I mention to donate???



( I am too lazy to proof read so enjoy the typos)


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