I went on an early ride…within 10 min a car ( who was speeding) pushed me off the road…I ended up wrecking..I hit a tree, split my helmet and was on the ground hoping someone would find me (like most friendly drivers..the car didn’t stop.  I heard several cars pass..no one stopped..my bllnkeys were on…finally a guy stopped called an ambulance..I spent 7 hours in the hospital…I have a concussion, some scratches and a big ankle..they thought I cracked my neck…but, thanks to yoga I was relaxed when I ate it.

I am feeling a little blah….but the following was uttered as I was put in the ambulance…”Is my bike OK, we can’t leave it”, “Is it normal not to know what year it is”, and “Will I be able to ride in 24HOB”

The coolest thing of the day…My bike was put in the ambulance and then sat in my room at the hospital.




6 Responses to “wreck”

  1. Yikes, what an awful way to start your day. It’s good to hear you survived, a bit banged up is much better than what could have happened, something I’d rather not think of.
    I’m glad to hear the bike made it with you all the way to your hospital room. I’ve heard of others who weren’t so lucky and they refused to transport the bike.
    Let us know how things go. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Jeez Pip! Thoroughly heinous that it took so long for someone to stop. Your attitude sounds pretty great – and blogging no less! Heal up fast so you rock that 24hrs of Booty.

  3. the florida biking gnome Says:

    man , i am sorry this happened to you . it happens constantly in fl. an ex of mine was hit and i have had numerous incidents with uncaring drivers of all types . i can sympathize with you. it is maddening that we can all be so uncaring. i mean as a species.
    good lick and heal up fast!!! 🙂

  4. the florida biking gnome Says:

    oops i meant to type “luck ” not lick.

  5. OMFG!! I’m so glad to hear you are alive. Did you get the license plate? Was this during your 4am booty loop rides? I’m glad to hear you aren’t more seriously injured & the medics brought the bike. If that’s the frame that was damaged at Starbucks it might be cursed.

  6. Holy Smokes Lady!
    I’m so glad you are a road weenie (do you call it that in NC?) and wear a helmet! And a weenie yogi even better!
    I’m so glad to hear that your bike is ok and even more glad to hear you are.
    Sending you healing love.

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