Night before

Trying to get to bed early..I feel like it is Christmas and I am waiting for Santa. I am not sure how or why I am excited to ride for 24 hours..but, I am. There is something about people working towards the same thing..It kinda brings out the greater good in folks. I started getting my bike gear together..I looked at my Vanilla and I was stoked to ride her for the event..As I checked out the frame I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. Then fear set in..what if there is an out of control rider and they take me out. What if I take a random biff..what if I wreck where I wrecked last week. I pushed my fears to the side and decided what the hell..I am riding it. Then I realized- NO BRAKE..No freakin’ brake…I need a brake…I am not drilling a hole for a brake. So the Vanilla will have to wait..I am riding Ol’ Red..My first fixie and year three of Booty…Now I gotta find pedals, Steve is wrapping my bars and then I gotta find my tent..forget that I’ll nap in my car..Hmmm..There has been talk over if I should ride or not-The family says “NO” (due to wreck last week and concussion)..I say “YES” if I feel rotten I’ll stop…300 miles might be a bit much this year ( but I will push for it)…random babble I am going to bed ( or play Monster Jam on Wii )




One Response to “Night before”

  1. Watch that concussion. No fun to play around with them. Nausea is no fun.

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