Beenputting this off

It is raining and I am sitting in my car getting ready to teach. I’m half in my riding gear and yoga clothes the car is off,music on, seatbelt still on. I love sitting in my car before I do most anything. I try to organize so I am not dragging random stuff in with me. I have been slack lately I have let my training slow down and eating ramp up ( not the best combo ). Last week I flew to England for a few Nana Lil passed away.. My Mum’s was awful yet awesome all at the same time. My nana was a total bad ass she was about 4’10” and would pop into Liverpool to checkout music. I went into a shop with her and 3 guys said “hey Lil..we have a new Smiths record in” (1.Mohawk 2.shaved head 3.shaved head except bangs). My nana could care less if people thought she was out of place. She loved music and used to send me The Smiths, The Cure, Stoneroses and Neds Automic Dustbin tour posters. Basically she tried to keep me somewhat in the loop while I was in the land of NKOTB,BBD, and other crap music. Hmmm.. I writing this on my iPhone so I have lost track of thought and I am sure my spelling blows…at least now I have to finish this later…sorry for the worst blog ever


2 Responses to “Beenputting this off”

  1. Sorry about your grandmother. Sounds like she was quite a treasure. Hope life, in general, is getting better for you guys.

  2. Hey Pip- was just thinkin about you, hope things are going good better best, sorry about your gram. that’s hard . soundslike she lived life the way everyone should though..
    take care

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