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Me and the library

Posted in Flow with tags , , on February 27, 2009 by Pip

Ever since I was a kid I have loved bookstores, libraries and office supply stores.  Bookstores because I like the way they smell and more magazines a girl will ever need.  I also feel like the bookstore is kind of like a casino.  There are no clocks and you can blow a lot of time and money in them.  A library is one of my building blocks to getting my life together and hoping to get a lot done.  I will look up from my computer and see other adults typing away with notebooks and papers piled up.  It makes me want to ask them if they are on the same road I am on.  I have been on the road of, I know I am on the road but maybe I am going the wrong way.  I know what I love and what I want to do.  I know how to do it but, I let the echos of old chatter decide what I can and cannot do.  Each time I sit at the library I feel like all the BS that others seem to think can’t come near me.  It is like the table I sit at is force field against those who say no.  Today I am still working on a yoga article that I owe Triple Crankset .  I have this mind block of..”there is noway you can write this.  I have a million ideas and I can’t funnel them into one good one”…I have a fear of completing things.  Yes, you read that right.  I guess if I finish something there always seems to be something else to do.  Basically I have become lazy and comfortable with just getting by.  I feel sick to my stomach writing this and total panic about posting it.  I have not been living the yoga I teach.  The amazing thing of yoga..there is no end, no perfect and no comparison.  I have been living..trying to find the end of where I am supposed to be.  I search for a place where I can be the perfect Mum, wife, teacher and athlete. I talk and type of training and my bike but I feel lame because “compared” to others I suck and I am slow.  So with my fear of completing projects:  In yoga I have no fear of pushing my edge to get deeper in a posture. In yoga there is always another posture from the one you just figured out.  In yoga you do not search for the end you search for the now.  In yoga if you look for the prefect you will always be doesn’t exist.  In yoga there is no attempt to compare.  I am too focused on my breath and my mat to be anywhere else.  So I guess the library is my place of “what’s the game plan”.


I swear I write a training plan out once a week.  I change  it and never really do it.  I don’t write about it because then I would have to do it.  If I did it I would have to put myself out there to complete something and let others compare me.  As I type this…I realize how wacked this all sounds.  I kinda lost my way.  So I guess the library is also a place I can organize myself enough to know what I want and how to get it.


Now, office supply stores…They are a place where I find total happiness..I kid you not all those things to organize myself to stay on top of my spend a lot of money for stuff I will use for about a week…I always run into other women and they say the same thing..I don’t know what it is.  I used to love getting new school supplies- it is kinda like the tabula rasa of the learning process.  Wow this was a total babble..I hope you all have a great weekend.  




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Write..advice from a friend..just type and a blog will form! Blogs are odd.

It blinks with an on going beat
Mocking and laughing no tapping defeat

It is the creator of a timestamp on life
It records tales of goodness or strife

It still blinks no matter the time
Still I sit waiting without creating a line

I freaking hate the cursor


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Is it possible to burn your eyes by turning your computer on when it is dark? I just woke up and felt the need to open my laptop. It was super windy last night so Monks felt the need to hop into bed. When Monks hops into bed this creates a family reshuffle. Ethan is banned to the sofa . A land that one should fear this is a place where no movement can exist. The sofa is a place where eyes are on you at all times. The sofa is a place where you wake up to a wall of hot and foul breath…The sofa is where three annoying dogs need to be fed at 4am../They may look cute by the light of the day but early in the morning it is like staring in the eyes of Cerberus.


I am forced to the cold and dangerous land where few can ever stay. The edge of the bed is a place where you fall in and out of awareness. Aware of being 1)cold 2)touching the ground with arm or leg (platform bed)3) looking back at your angle who is 6 and has the ENTIRE bed

In our house there is an amazing phenonminum. We have all read about spontaneous combostion. If yolu haven’t you should check it out. We have the Monk explosion. The formula: 1 child one bed that is not his and someone in that bed and boom…6 year old with the ability to take up the bed corner to corner. It is as if he has the ability to stretch from 4’ 1” to 6’.

Get ya Tony

Posted in Pedal on February 3, 2009 by Pip

Can you be considered as great or powerful if you hide behind the names and doings of others. Can we be considered as anything if we are not willing to go all out to attain it? Over the years I have had the luck of having amazing people fall in and out of my life. I have people who have amazed me with their will to beat something be it an addiction, cancer or expectations other have given them. I have also had the chance to be amazed by the lack of respect that is given to people (employees, friends, strangers…animals-they can be people too). Here is the thing..we all have amazing people who come in and out of our lives..some are fantastic and positive and others are fantastic wankers. Two totally different things yet both creating change. Events in our lives are the same I guess we have all heard “everything happens for a reason”…I agree-(to a point.) everything does happen but, the reason is up to you. It can be thought of as a bad or a good reason-YOU CHOOSE. You can look at the schmo who drives you nuts at work as a good or a bad thing…if everything happens for a reason then you were meant to sit next to him, you deserved to sit next to him..2 ways to look at it

1) do you really care who you are next to at work if you plan NOT to hide behind the great things done by others. You are too freakin’ busy busting your rump to care about Bob: the coffee slurper who breathes loud. You are taking you anything into a something.

2) They probably think the same about you


Sorry to get all Tony Robbins on you…


Granny Panties ( I hate that word)

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So, it is all in the title huh..My most popular blog had Lance Armstrong and see through shorts in it..Two random things that seemed to be of great interest. So, if I wrote Nancy Grace in Granny Panties would I get the same response. Let’s start with just plain ol’ Nancy Grace..she has the ability to stretch out someone’s personal grief into her personal crusade…I can’t get past the hair and the look of “she really means business”..

you hear me America

you hear me America

She reminds me of a” know it all” older sister that has not seen daylight since ’82. She is knows more than you and she has to squint bc the lights are too bright.

Granny Panties…I hate to break it to the guys out there but, they exist..They are usually next to the bras that could store a helmet in each cup.  There are so many great things granny panties can offer: 1)a million jokes when people see them hanging out of your pants 2) a handle for your mom to grab as you try to run after putting too much soap in the dishwasher, a romper (not like the Laura Ashley kind..imagine bad colors with goofy cartoons  3) an item your friends can threaten you with until they have a pair 4) just for a full out laugh..noone looks cool in them. 5) a dare you can do with your single girlfriends ( I dare youl to wear them on Vday) 6) a wind sock 7) a make shift basket for yhour bike.  But, I thinks Pee Wee explains it best