Get ya Tony

Can you be considered as great or powerful if you hide behind the names and doings of others. Can we be considered as anything if we are not willing to go all out to attain it? Over the years I have had the luck of having amazing people fall in and out of my life. I have people who have amazed me with their will to beat something be it an addiction, cancer or expectations other have given them. I have also had the chance to be amazed by the lack of respect that is given to people (employees, friends, strangers…animals-they can be people too). Here is the thing..we all have amazing people who come in and out of our lives..some are fantastic and positive and others are fantastic wankers. Two totally different things yet both creating change. Events in our lives are the same I guess we have all heard “everything happens for a reason”…I agree-(to a point.) everything does happen but, the reason is up to you. It can be thought of as a bad or a good reason-YOU CHOOSE. You can look at the schmo who drives you nuts at work as a good or a bad thing…if everything happens for a reason then you were meant to sit next to him, you deserved to sit next to him..2 ways to look at it

1) do you really care who you are next to at work if you plan NOT to hide behind the great things done by others. You are too freakin’ busy busting your rump to care about Bob: the coffee slurper who breathes loud. You are taking you anything into a something.

2) They probably think the same about you


Sorry to get all Tony Robbins on you…



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