Is it possible to burn your eyes by turning your computer on when it is dark? I just woke up and felt the need to open my laptop. It was super windy last night so Monks felt the need to hop into bed. When Monks hops into bed this creates a family reshuffle. Ethan is banned to the sofa . A land that one should fear this is a place where no movement can exist. The sofa is a place where eyes are on you at all times. The sofa is a place where you wake up to a wall of hot and foul breath…The sofa is where three annoying dogs need to be fed at 4am../They may look cute by the light of the day but early in the morning it is like staring in the eyes of Cerberus.


I am forced to the cold and dangerous land where few can ever stay. The edge of the bed is a place where you fall in and out of awareness. Aware of being 1)cold 2)touching the ground with arm or leg (platform bed)3) looking back at your angle who is 6 and has the ENTIRE bed

In our house there is an amazing phenonminum. We have all read about spontaneous combostion. If yolu haven’t you should check it out. We have the Monk explosion. The formula: 1 child one bed that is not his and someone in that bed and boom…6 year old with the ability to take up the bed corner to corner. It is as if he has the ability to stretch from 4’ 1” to 6’.


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