Look Ma No Hands


  look ma...no arms


Thank you Facebook for creating the art of the self photo.  We contort our arm like,”No…I didn’t take this photo!  I have friend who is really into odd angle super close photos”  For years I have searched for the use of my crazy long arms.  I have felt like some sort of carney freak who has the worlds longest arms..”Come see the girl who can  grab all things on the top shelf.”  I figured I am 5’10” maybe it isn’t that bad..maybe I lookm in proportion.  I honestly believed that until I was being fitted for a photo shoot and the women pinning me asked the designer to come over.  They whispered and then finally busted out the tape measure.  There was a pause and I was told the following,” We will have to make the sleeves elbow length or add 3” to the cuff”..OK no worries..must be usual gettin’ it to look right talk..then a sigh..like I was about to be told I was dying or she wanted to breakup,” It is amazing..your arms are 3” too long for your body”.



So many of us hear the misguided ideas of the fashion industry…hair, skin and what your body should fit into (weighing 2 pounds is awesome and soooo attractive)..but where in the news do they talk about arm length???  Where are the magazine articles on woman who are too lanky to get work. I kept the job but had thoughts of maybe dinosaur arms are a better look.  Instead of sucking my belly in to see what I would look like..I would be destined to looking at my image with my arms pulled into my sleeves..(OK, that was a total fib-but the thought is pretty funny).  I could admit defeat and think I should find another withe same problem and run off to the land of Mr Tickle mr_tickle but no…I searched and searched…


I found that long arms are awesome for yoga..it is 10x easier to wrap in postures.  I have to admit I also have the worlds longest phalanges…(those who know me “in person” feel free to comment -except my brother). So I have super long arms and ET fingers images-3– just incase I can’t get the wrap.


And then I found Facebook…The second gift bestowed to the lanky.  I have the ability to take photos from a longer distance.  So all those with the NORMAL arms…we know you took the photo of yourself..we know because it is so close we can see if you need to work on your brows..(manscaping need not apply).




One Response to “Look Ma No Hands”

  1. Great post! I fall in to the school of thought that if your arms don’t drag the ground like a gorilla, they’re just the right length.

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