ride and yoga

I keep hearing the following,” I always wanted to do yoga but…”

Here is your chance..I want to start a group ride 2x a week..We can split into groups:those who live in their kits(including other fast folks) & those who work and have kids (we are cool with riding slower)..After we ride I will teach an hour long yoga class. Yes, it will be outside. Yes, people might see you. Yes, people might watch. If you are worried let me put it in perspective: you have just finished riding in spandex..you were overheard talking about calories and the color of your pee..Yoga in public is the least of your worries. All kidding aside it will help you gain core strength and with open hips it will increase your power. So, hit me back with questions and what times/days work for you.


One Response to “ride and yoga”

  1. How much time do I need to factor?
    1.5 hour ride + 30 min of yoga?
    1 hr ride + 1 hr yoga?
    1 hr ride + 30 min of yoga?

    M-F early morning 6-7:30 am or post 6 pm or Sundays.

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