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Posted in Pedal on May 15, 2009 by Pip

Listening to kidz bop is as bad as an “office space” moment in traffic.

. With our kids we act like yeah..this is awesome I could rock out to this all day….as those words come out a small bit of your soul is eaten away by the cavity of sugary sweet music that you once listened to to feel like a bad ass..

Is it the bad commercials or the kids who bounce around to “head like a hole” and make it sound like “your head has a whole lot of love and knowledge to share”..maybe kidz bop is a way of brain washing..

and then I discovered the article about how Kidz Bop left the FBomb in the Lyrics..this better than find the dead body in wizard of Oz..( it was a bird not a munchkin hanging)..

I am sitting outside at starbucks watching cookie covered kids dance to jazz..not the kind you can dance to but the..hey, I am in college and I am supposed to start drinking red wine and listen to music I’m not a fan of but..I am now mature so I can only listen to jazz and long as I drive an SUV with at least two of the following stickers: Widespread, The Dead, Phish or DMB…
Back to the kids..I am always amazed by how kids could care less about what they are doing and who is around. It is like they have no need for liquid courage..they are willing to bust a move. I love the arm pump kids do..I also call it he muppet dance