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Where is my alarm

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I could not find my alarm clock this morning..I did find I have the super power of knocking things over to find my alarm clock.

have u noticed when you are IMing you feel rude when you have to go because of the message delay

It was an awesome ride..Chad is a great guy to chat with-not to mention he openly admits when his legs burn. We both love hills about as much as road rash.

Just got home from seeing Leisure, gogoPilot and The Lemonheads at the some good pix..I’ll write more tomorrow..I smell like smoke, gotta get a shower and I need to crash so I can do early a.m. ride..

motivate..forced post

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I am ready to crash out




5:08 a.m. I am looking at the worlds brightest screen and attempting to motivate..I figure I need to ride my CX bike..heavier,slower and damn it it makes me feel like I am working more:) not to mention the looks I get from some folks.  You know, “what sort of Frankenbike  bike is that”


I am soooo out of shape. I rode and I rode slow..I am going through the..saddles suck phase…I haven’t been on a bike in so long I can’t figure out where I need to be…as I was riding people kept passing-at first I started getting pissed with myself..Then I realized I am working towards getting back to where I was…being out of shape sucks..but it is a good reminder of..why staying in shape is so important..I worked on photo stuff from 10:00 until 6:00..I feel so tired but it is in a good way…I am riding with Chad at 7:00 am’ll be nice to have someone to chat to and pass the time..we will see



Ashamed,Booty..”Cue the Deer”

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Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad




After looking at my calendar I feel like I might possibly die during 24 HOB.  I can’t believe I am about to admit the following..

I have been on my bike 3x since January 

I have been to the gym only 64 times

My yoga practice is not the best at the moment 

I have been full on lazy.  

I honestly can’t believe I have gone from full on fit to the mom in sweats in the carpool line. I don’t even feel better sharing this..I feel ashamed…ASHAMED I tell ya. I do have a game plan to fix this..I’ll share it as I go..sort of;)  


DAY 2/30




Best ride ever…It was short and late but I did it…I’ve been crammed in a dark room working on photos all I uncurled myself and grabbed my bike. Today has felt hectic and complicated..hoping on my fixie changed that.

Monks and H

Monks and H-Bomb at sunset


 It is one of those nights where everything is like a movie…The temp was perfect and there was a slight breeze..don’t get me wrong my pigtails are drenched but the weather was perfect.  As I am riding along and there are people sitting on their porches…chatting and hanging out…it created the sound of a streams gurgle (or the announcers voice in golf)..As it grew darker little flickers of light began to multiply..there were millions of them


 When I was a kid we used to peel their butts off and stick them to our forehead (you wonder why I am now vegan..).  further down the road there were kids running around in the yard catching fireflies (I am not even kidding)..To finish the perfect movie night..I slowly pedaled down my street and 100 feet in front of me a deer walks out (total Funny Farm moment)Cue the Deer

he ( the deer) trotted over to the grass and he watched me pull into the driveway. 

I swear tonight was the perfect ride…


Just wanted to let you know I am typing this while sitting on my bed with my kit,helmet and shoes on..




Little Kicks without brakes

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IMG_1943I woke up and walked Monks over to LAX camp. On the walk home..I was in is 9:00 am and I am not sweating my ass off!! It was a sign..a sign to get my ass in the saddle and ride! I walked through the door and grabbed the pump..I looked at my back tire and it was shredded..not just a wee bit but a ton..last ride my bike wheel slid out from under me, but due to  my  upper body spaz out, I managed to recover. Need less to say I was not about to take it out. Then I saw my Vanilla out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t taken it outy since my 2 month break…I was switching my pedals out and Ethan reminded me that..I haven’t been riding and I haven’t been riding with out a brake in awhile. I told him I would be fine ( as soon as I said it I had the fear of eating it and proving him right)..I walked back to the bedroom and started getting dressed..couldn’t find my HRM..then I found it under laundry. I am not sure if anyone else knows the HRM dance..But, I am the queen of it. You know the moving around and trying to find your damn heart beat. Guys, ya’ll don’t have to worry about the second part of the dance..the sports bra placement twist. Then there is the which crap goes in what pocket..Getting dress makes me feel like Elaine’s Dance in Seinfeld (Little Kicks).

I am riding later on tonite… we will see if my gearing needs to be changed..I have already had several young riders inform me my gearing ise easy..”Look at the size of your chain ring…” Then I have to let these kids know it is 10 pitch..I still am old but at least they give me a little street cred…
I mean that is the only reason I ride…..




If you haven’t me you haven’t..I am begging for your help..I am even making a new duct tape skirt..send me stickers !!! DONATE




happy in quicksand

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Ever since the whole cancer scare I have felt moments of utter amazement of the world with moments of panic. The amazement usually hits when I least expect it. I have found myself with my windows down listening to The Cult loud (and I’ll be damned if I will turn it down at a stoplight). I will be sitting in a coffee shop, watching a kid bobble as he drinks his box of milk, with a huge grin (might look creepy-not sure yet). At times I look in rearview mirror and watch as Monks dance and raps his own version of “Channel Zero” (it is a clean version for all those who are worried). I feel like I am a lucky woman who has a lot of things to be thankful for.


The panic seems to blow everything else out of the water. What in the hell have I been doing all this time. I feel like I have gone through the motions to do things..but, I don’t pay attention to how I got there. I keep thinking,” holy crap, I am almost 35 and I still have no clue what path I am supposed to be on.”

I am also freaking out about riding in 24 HOB I haven’t been on my bike in 6 weeks..I am hoping I will get the OK to ride this week.

I feel like I’ve been living like I am trapped in quicksand. I am happy my head is above the sand, I can still breath, I can chat and smile- but if I move I sink deeper

so I just hangout in the same spot: happy but stuck in the exact same place each day.