Pressure Drop


As promised the truth!!! The truth about how much I have been riding….out of 23 days I have rode 21 days…some days two rides. I am still on my Vanilla with hard to push gearing..over the weekend I am taking apart my fuji and switching out with the Vanilla. I have 10 pitch on the V and I can’t find easier gearing to make it for a 24 hour ride..

I did a little yoga this morning and went on a short ride..I love riding in the morning and seeing the same folks walking in the neighborhood..the same dogs attempting to drag their owners to my bike. My all time favorite thing to do is attempt to get grumpy non-wavers to freakin’ smile or at least nod. There is this one guy that I pass and everytime he hears my bike he suddenly finds something on the ground super interesting. This orning he actually looked at me and grunted and then tripped (I guess two things at once is not his thing in the morning).

It was nice to get out this morning it was 77 degrees at 6 a.m.

I figure by the time Chad and I ride this afternoon it will be hot as hell and humid..I will have to think of my happy place during that ride.

random mix this morning:
1) Crazy for you: Ulrich Schnauss
2) Gives you Hell: AAR
3) Suedehead: Morrisey
4) Nothing Lasts Forever: Echo and the Bunneymen
5) Pressure Drop:Toots & the Maytals
6) Shanti,Shanti,Shanti: Shelia Chandra
7) Ganesh is Fresh: MC Yogi
8) Motel:The Connells
9) Hope She Falls in Love:The Blue Dogs
F*@% You: Ani Defranco

I am sitting outside at a coffee shop and there is a group of guys in their late 60’s who meet every morning and shoot the breeze. They are worse than a group of high school girls! They are first talking about who has died or been divorced..then the market..then I take a deep inhale and I swear all 6 of them lit up at the same time..blah..I can’t believe I ever smoked…15-20..nasty..then again after my Dad died of CANCER pretty smart..last time I smoked was 9 years ago..


One Response to “Pressure Drop”

  1. Pip,
    A few of us unfortunately rode past you Friday night after your crash @ 24 HOB. Next lap we saw the firetruck. Let us know how you are doing. I think you were holding your arm. booooooo.

    get well,
    Livin’ the dream

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