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I got change in my pocket

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The most expensive age of your life is thirty-four.

-The Guardian, August 19,2006

When I first read about my age and how more cash was involved than usual..I felt a little ripped off.  I have nothing to show for new bikes, no new wheelsets..wait, I did get a computer- but, still MOST expensive??

As my list of things I didn’t buy continued…I looked at the word expensive.  Expensive can mean high cost or sacrifice..High cost can be a financial cost or a personal cost. Sacrifice can also be viewed in both categories.  So, yes this year has been the most expensive.

It all begins with NO INSURANCE (need I say more)

I had surgery without insurance…Early BDay gift from my mum..I had my bike wreck(separated shoulder and fractured scapula) without insurance…worst part about the bike wreck it was during 24HOB and I bent my wheel and front fork.

After my bike wreck I became slack at the expense of my health.  The slacker I became the worse I ate and the less I slept..creating one Craptastice 34 year old.

3 things got me back on track:

  1. felt pretty lame sitting on my ass
  2. went to Carowinds with Monks (rode the same roller coaster 9 times in a row – w/out getting off). When we were walking around I noticed a profusion of fleshy families who might have slacked off on being active
  3. the loss of a great friend

Skipper and his son Graham

Skipper and his son Graham

**the biggest kick in the ass was losing my long time friend and yoga student**

I began teaching Skipper Beck 6 years ago…I would see him 5x a week and during our practice we would chat..Over the years he became my best friend, advisor, stand in dad and someone who always made me laugh.  He was one of those people everyone thought they knew…to most he was a car dealer, a lover of sports and philanthropist…he was often in the public eye.  To me he was my motivation- he reminded me why I loved teaching.  He reminded me a lot of my dad..he was there no matter what..he was the first person I called when I got married in Vegas (sorry Mum). The best thing about Skipper was he taught me not to take myself too seriously. If it weren’t for him I would not have started riding again.  I told him I wanted to ride and I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t: I am too out of shape, I will suck and I don’t have a bike.  After practice he walked me down to his garage and pointed to his Kestrel, “I don’t use it anymore and now you don’t have an excuse.”  Each morning he would check in with me to see if I rode…My first TT was done on that bike: unfortunately since then it was taken without asking AKA stolen..

I am not going to lie..I miss the hell out of him..I was in a yoga class the other day and started laughing out of control bc I thought of something we used to joke about..the words Mula Bandha ..I am very serious when it comes to my yoga practice..but, Mula Bandha sounds funny.  Skipper and I used to yell it when postures were hard or we came up with race teams with the words Mula Bandha in it.

So, each day I think of how lucky I am to be able to ride..I think about how much I love being able to run around with my son…I think, when it is my time to go I leave a legacy of finding my path but not at the expense of others…

I guess 34 is pricey..time, bills, time and loss..but, it shapes who I am and what 35 will be like.

When I ride today and I hit a tough section..I will yell Mula Bandha and finish…

(by the way Mula Bandha is even funnier when you learn where it is located)



Reasoning behind obesity in the US (more of a safety precaution)

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