Hard to be ADHD,YT and PC in NC

I try to write blogs…I try to sit in front of my blinking cursor hoping that all my random bottled up thoughts will shoot through my fingers and onto the screen. Guess what it doesn’t work…When I teach I talk about letting go of the “monkey mind”…you know all over the place..”what is for dinner” “I can’t believe I said that”..”Shut the hell up I am trying not to think…” You know the basic crap that floats around in our minds. We live in the age of hurry up and move on..or do 10 things and hope they work out. Maybe I am speaking from my own personal point of view..Yes, I am a wife and parent. Yes, I teach and most of all practice yoga! Yes, I study to expand my understanding of what I teach. Yes, I am a mum who has places to be, people to please, bikes to ride and stories to read at bedtime. I try to be committed to each thing I do…when I am doing homework with Monks..that is what I am doing…same with bedtime stories.

The thing is..I am great at giving someone else my full attention and being present but when it comes to myself the “Chitta Vritti” (mind fluctuations or thoughts) get in the way…Chitta Vritti is the “monkey mind” I was talking about. I am a teacher who has ADD..I am not saying like, oops I have a wee bit of ADD..I mean…well, hell if you are reading this, I tend to bounce all over the place when I type.

When I was becoming a YT I attempted to mask or downplay my monkey mind. The thing that would happen, my classes would be boring or without any fire and I was exhausted in my attempts of reigning in what many people attempt to brush under the rug. So what I am about to say…. If you are a member of the Gregson family and already freak that I keep a blog (Mum) and people might learn I tend to make comments that annoy some and make the rest…whatever the rest does….. So before I upset people about ADHD, ADD, Yoga or North Carolina….You can’t get mad..I am yoga teacher with ADHD living in NC who can’t believe the NRA is having a convention down the street..Every God fearin ‘ good ol’ boy will be uptown..maybe I will ride my bike downtown and hand out yoga schedules…just so I can work on sprint speed while hauling ass away from bottles being hurled at my none PC head …..

yeah..I fit in all the adhd,yt,pc,nc,bs:)

***If I proof read I will never post..so you will have to put away your red correction pens***


One Response to “Hard to be ADHD,YT and PC in NC”

  1. Pip
    I enjoyed reading your blogs. Very good talent

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