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Follow through and take no prisoners

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2010 by Pip

I am trying too hard..I mean I am typing and trying to construct this amazing blog to explain why..I ride..why I ride in 24 Hours of Booty..Why I ride fixed in 24HOB…

After watching Monks finish his first triathlon last week..I was so proud and happy..But there was an undertow or a back beat of a little sadness. During the race I could hear his granddad (on his dad’s side) cheering for him. I could see Monks pick up the pace with each yell. The back beat???? My dad…he wasn’t there. Monks never met my dad..he’s heard stories, been hugged by my dad’s mum; but never felt his bear hug that could make anything better. When I was a kid any team I was a part of knew my dad. He wasn’t the dad who kept stats of the team..he was the dad in Charlotte, NC who was loud….I mean loud with a British voice that carried amazingly well on any field, court or course. He was the dad who knew me better than anyone when it came to sports..knew when I was bagging out, knew when it wasn’t my day , and when I reaped rewards from working hard. If I fell on the field during soccer or kinda got hurt..I would hear “get a move on Gregson”, “Challenge” and my favorite “Gregson, follow through and take no prisoners”……

“Take no prisoners” took a different role during my dad’s 18 month battle with leukemia. It became a mantra for my dad to keep pushing….my dad did push and followed through but he lost his fight on January 4 ,2000. My dad never saw me become a coach for HS kids, he never walked me down the isle, he wasn’t there for the birth of McDade…I can’t hear his voice telling me to take no prisoners as I attempt cyclocross….

But, my dad was there to teach me that anything is possible. He was there to talk for hours about goofy stuff and laugh ( he was just as loud as I am)…He ( as well as my amazing mum) left me with an example of how to love and honor my son. He taught me that no matter what I will always be there for my son. He also taught me to be at every event..but most of all..he taught me how to yell really loud and not care who’s watching☺
It does make me sad that Monks (McDade) never met him..but, between my brother and me he gets the gist. There are moments I look at Monks and he is a lot like my dad. There are moments on my bike I can feel him next to me.

I ride in 24HOB for several reasons…To help raise money so others will have a dad to walk them down the isle. I am riding to raise money to help those who are fighting to “take no prisoners”. My final reason I am riding for 24 hours it is just my dad and I
Why do I ride a fixed gear bike? Because there is no coasting during treatment for cancer..why should I when raising $ to fight it.

I ride for those who fight, who have won and those who have lost….
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