Dog fight, dog fight!

The 17 year old bad ass

Yesterday..was a nutty day..My dog Taupo (17 year old bad ass..weighs 23 lbs) was attacked by Ethan’s dog Surly( 4 year old weighs 80 lbs AKA piggy)..All was well in the world..Monks and I were goofing around and Surly appeared in the doorway…and then grabbed Taups by the neck…McDade starts screaming and crying..I am doing everything possible to split them up..well, really remove Surly’s teeth from Taups throat.  Taups was being thrashed around… blood is on the walls…I realize I am screaming..I do not scream all perfect pitch like in the movies…I sounded like a freakin’ banshee on crack..I remembered a vet told me if you’ve tried everything then kick the dog in the belly..I was barefoot and I tried to get up the courage to kick her..I look at Taups and I unload the meanest kick I could muster…uhmm..and what did I get nuthin’…I tried water..this went on for 5-10min..During this time our other dog Baxter doesn’t know what to do so he starts wagging his tail while watching.

Every parent has told their kid never use your hands to break up a dog fight…

Taups has been with me through college, boyfriends, fiancees, husbands…the death of my dad the birth of my son…she still runs when I attempt to walk her..

I grab Surly’s mouth pry it apart…she tries to get Taups again..I grabbed Surly’s head and took her outside…Taups crawled under one of our chairs…I rush Taups to the vet….The vet takes her into another room…a few minutes later the vet comes back..Taups rolls in with a shaved neck..The vet said I can’t believe I have to tell you this….

She is totally fine…she will be sore tomorrow..but she is one tough dog….


On the ride home….Monks offered some advice to me…”Mum, maybe we should get a kicking bag for you…your kick looked a little weak.




One Response to “Dog fight, dog fight!”

  1. Oh Claire… I can only imagine those two going at it.

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