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impact and embracing the suck

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2012 by Pip

If there was an indicator as to when we made an impact on someone it would be a hell of a lot easier…but, as far as I know life doesn’t work that way…Suck it up and realize each passing tick of the clock is an opportunity to be or witness that said impact

So now beyond the bs…that impact is either bad ass or full on suck…being a change or a shift in someones life is not to say that you are doing something amazing and in the right might be the road block or the reminder as to why a new direction is needed ( as they might be to you)…So here is my bag…personal choice…you chose…are they your road block or your opportunity to let your true bad ass come out???

Over the past few years I have kinda half ass made the choice…over the past 6 months I have let others really see where I fall short and guess what..they are still here the sun still rises…They too have days of not being 100% and my love for them does not change.

I would love to be able to say..”I do not need anyone…I have my shit soooo together that your words or actions mean little to me”…but, I also love the fact that yeah…I am present enough to get swept up with an outburst (they sometimes suck and hurt…but it is a moment that is shared…a moment that is a bubble of a relationship)…I am present enough to know that I wanna help if there is something that can be fixed… attempt to change my impact from less than “meh” to kinda there to help.

There are few things in my life that I know I am full on kick ass at….1) laugh so hard I cry 2) make less than great choices but find the good in it anyway 3) here is the deal with (3) it used to be let people unload on me..some call it “being a sounding board”…honestly, it’s letting someone unload with little respect towards you…but now (3) is being there when someone needs it…letting them unload but to a point!…

Guess what…sometimes those we love (or ourselves)…forget about the tick of passing opportunity or witness…we all forget that our present has bumped into those we are close to and we impact the choice of what they do next….

We are all at the constant state of opportunity or blame..dark or light..bull shit or straight up….take it or leave it….It is not all freaking rainbows and butterflies in the ol’ belly… Sometimes, at the end of the day, you pat yourself on the back with a faint smile….and realize your actually pretty cool with embracing the suck….sometimes it reminds you “the suck” now is so much less than “the suck” from the other day…

like I said…it’s all choice



1984…2012 it’s all the same

Posted in Uncategorized on January 11, 2012 by Pip

I already ranted on my FB page…so the big ol’ PR machine let’s see how it goes