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Everything’s coming up roses!!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 14, 2012 by Pip

When I was in middle school (I think 7th grade), when everyone was getting carnations on Vday from a school fundraiser, I received my first rose from a secret admirer. ….I received roses every year from 7th -12th at school from the same secret admirer  with a note telling me I was perfect the way I was…Then freshman year in college…all the way until I was 26…during that time I lived in Charleston, SC…Boone, NC..Auckland, NZ and Charlotte, NC…I tried to find out who it was…I (at 25) only found out Feb 15, 2000..I was at work and I received a dozen white with pink edged roses…I got upset and a friend asked what was wrong..I said to be honest I always thought it was my dad (he died a month prior)…..I called my mum and she explained to me my dad had sent me roses since 7th grade (bc I didn’t seem to believe I was loved and where I needed to be)..before he died he asked my mum to make sure they were still sent every year so I wouldn’t forget I was were I needed to be…I have to be honest, over the years VDay hasn’t been a big part of my life…and yeah, I kinda forgot how fantastic it feels for someone to remind you..”it is all good…it will workout and I got your back”..Please, do not get me wrong..handmade cards from my son will blow flowers out of the water any day…but, there is something to say about someone having your back and knowing you well enough to call you on your bs and remind you that yeah, deep down you are pretty fantastic…We all have it from our past..present or…past that (thank god) has now become our present that reminds us that with all the bs is pretty fantastic…I have been reminded (even though I no longer get the roses from my dad)..there are several people in my life that sure as hell make up for it…I know I won’t get roses from a secret admirer tomorrow..but, I have two guys in my life who I never wanna be without!…Happy VDay kids….

Much love to you all,


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