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Birth, School, Work, Death..stop being a wanker and say thanks

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2012 by Pip

I haven’t blogged in a long while…I believe since my last blog I have had surgery and a few other pitfalls…Surgery has taught me much and how my love for yoga is just as strong as for my love for cyclocross! But, I have learned that, GD, I take so much for granted. Each year I ride in 24HOB in memory of my dad and those who are fighting or lost the fight against cancer….This, is the first year I have yet to start training ( my Dr. won’t clear it..a few years back I had cells removed and made sure I was on my bike in a couple of weeks…this year, my body wont allow it) but, next week me and my fixie plan on a lot of saddle time. The thing is since last year much has changed….It has been just me and Monks and a few that we hold close to our hearts…I have learned, yet again, how family is the anchor..the core,..the center, that I am lucky enough to have! Family…is blood or those that know your truth..they are the folks that know you when you are at your lowest and your are at the highest and there is no change as to the love they have for you…I have family and friends that know me when I am done and when I wanna quit but , they know that there is still a flicker that my past ( be it my Dad. friend or hell a kid I coached or someone that I said hi to) knows or understands there is a reason to fight the good fight or to push other folks BS to the side…It is Memorial Day and I am lucky enough to have someone in my life that reminds me of the great freedom and choices we ALL HAVE…at times it may not seem like it. We might feel confined by our own is our own personal choices or the BS box we let others declare to be true…but, when our heads hit the pillow each night it is our own personal choice….a choice others lost much ….for us to have..GOTTA LOVE THE GODFATHERS