24 Hours of Booty

You say the economy is bad…Cancer is worse

I am riding for those who have battled and lost, those who still fight and those who have won. I am riding fixed to fight cancer.


In Honor of:

Anna Warren (Pip’s best friend in college and in life-not to mention she gave my Dad more crap than anyone:)

Joe Hunter (family friend)

Steve Smith (a teacher who never gave up on me)

Ngaio Carlisle (a coach who is bigger motivation than she knows)


In Memory of:

Terry Gregson (Dad)

Luke Gregson (Grandad)

Peter Congelosi (Riding partner and the one who pushed me to ride)

John Yorke (Friend and “on the fly” yoga sub)

Christina Early (College friend)

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My Dad had the best laugh, it would start as a giggle and his shoulders would bob up and down..after a bit it would turn to a guffaw. My Dad also gave the best bear hugs in the world-he was my best friend and biggest supporter.

I feel very lucky to have had him in my life. On January 4, 2000 my Dad lost his battle against Leukemia (ALL). He was not there to walk me down the isle or be a part of the birth of my son…he is missed and loved. I am riding for the hope that others will be able watch friends and family grow old. I am riding for the cure.

****I was asked why I am riding a fixed gear (no coasting and only one gear) …If my Dad went through chemo & radiation for 18 months…I can suck it up and ride for only 24 hours****

I rode 275 miles last year..I’ll shoot for 300 this year.

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