just thought you might wanna know

I was born in the UK and ended up in Charlotte, NC. Lived in NZ for a bit- killer diving and boarding.

It is thought that everyone is our teacher…well, my main teacher is about 3 and a half feet tall and at the age of 8 has the ability to make me smile, ear to ear, just from a giggle.

I am a yoga teacher…who rediscovered my love for riding. I stumbled my way back into a bike shop, where I began to work and met my husband. Thanks to the shop and the guys I worked with.I love riding CX,  fixed gears (my Vanilla was the best engagement ever)  and anything else with 2 wheels (unicycles need not apply). It feels like I am 6 years old again riding in flops, bathing suit and towel around my neck. I have discovered that even at 36 I can laugh until my belly hurts; friends from childhood will find you when you need them the most.

After years of fighting it, I have learned that the universe has a way of working things out. Karma is karma…a path a path…the truth is just that. Knowing the truth and sticking to your path with less resistence…gives you the good karma for the karma bank. In other words….no need to prove what you know. No need to share knowledge learned from a book…No need to just exist. Live your life- some will not agree, some will judge and the others will wish to not “just exist”.

Everyone knows that it is the DASH that makes the difference. ( born – died )…the rest is…just is. Ahhh yes, now that I got the deep thoughts side done ( seems to be the myspace rule).


I am a Mum who loves her son to the moon and back. I am goofy as all get out…I love yoga, riding fixies and any other bike. I love music and those who have the ability to create it. I love those who can put paint to a canvas and make amazing works of art, I love those who are sitting in a cubicle, surfing the internet looking for their dream job ( been there ), I love those who can tinker on a bike and find the perfect turn of a wheel”. If you haven’t seen “starved” ( Thank you I love you )you will think I am a freak.


I am a teacher who will push your edge and then some. I believe in my students and love the trust and community in a studio. I am a teacher who will speak her truth even if it is not pretty. While your toes dangle over the edge I will not judge the attempts made. But apprciate the fact that we are in the same space. I push my edge daily if not others will tend to do it for me. Each time I sit on my bike any edge I see I know I can push. I do not want to grow old standing in the same spot. I would rather be old with scars and good stories. Than that old lady who is just that…


Old and yep, a lady.


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