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Age, Cowbells and Honesty

Posted in Flow, Pedal with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 3, 2010 by Pip

I can’t begin to explain how truly out of shape I am. I somehow forgot that 3 years of my life have passed and I kinda forgot to..ride, run, or just keep in shape in general. I am not saying I am throwing in the towel give me the sweatpants and a bag of chips while I watch you ride kinda out of shape. I am more at the it was ok to joke about being out of shape but damn maybe I should put in some effort.

As a yoga teacher I often talk about judging..don’t compare, keep your eyes on your own mat..blahblahblah..But, I also give my students 1-3 minutes of competing (usually girls against guys)..before anyone freaks, it is not very yogic but, yes it is very human. The competition: jump switches (mt climbers)..we go by hang time and ninja like silence…it is not really about who in the classroom is the biggest is more about “trying easy”…something that a student assumes they can’t do..realizes the following 1) I might as well try it…2) Let me try it again 3) this is kinda fun 4) I can do it..not perfect but I don’t mind practicing

The competition becomes a noncompetitive become a group of folks trying and enjoying the community which develops around it. By the end of our jump switches everyone is usually laughing ..not because we are judging more because..honestly, I don’t me it seems like there is an earned respect between all the students..You tried..You are a badass!

Back to my honesty of being not what I always type. I think I have become a person who used to be really athletic and started riding a lot..over the years that amount of riding has dwindled (in a big way)..but, in my mind it is still 3 years ago and it is ok to take a few days off..only problem a few days becomes a few months. So I am still talking about my 2 wheels of freedom..but the tires are flat and my saddle once again hurts.

So…(you knew I was getting to takes me awhile) I need to step up to the ol’ honesty plate..I need to practice what I preach and I need to let ya’ll know where I am…I need to “try easy” instead setting up 8 million excuses and road blocks as too why I can’t do it or why I am out of shape..excuses and road blocks make things hard and is a lot to keep up withJ

Trying just that…do this cx season in small bites. Don’t expect amazing results if I have been too lazy to earn them…

I signed up with Training Peaks…This was the first step in my road of “holy crap I am getting old and damn I am out of shape”..I have changed the start date three times (made excuses)..last night I was supposed to ride 1.5 hrs and I could only ride 30 min. I am supposed to do “rows” and I swear my bike has gained 20 lbs.

Today I am supposed to run and do hills for 30 min…So, my blog is my new coach…I will be dead honest with what I do everyday for training..I will be dead honest how I race and I will be dead honest when it is not going well..but, gotta keep plugging away… Feel free to leave me pointers or if you want to meet up and ride….

And now the debate of posting this or not….I am truly embarrassed as to where I am in my fitness. But, like my yoga students I gotta just keep doing might not be pretty, it might make folks uncomfortable to watch…but at least I am going to ride CX this season…


I mean..I gotta represent Black Sheep Cartel….My KC teammates need a little CLT love.



***grammar and spelling …sorry, if I reread I won’t post***


Look Ma No Hands

Posted in Flow on March 1, 2009 by Pip


  look arms


Thank you Facebook for creating the art of the self photo.  We contort our arm like,”No…I didn’t take this photo!  I have friend who is really into odd angle super close photos”  For years I have searched for the use of my crazy long arms.  I have felt like some sort of carney freak who has the worlds longest arms..”Come see the girl who can  grab all things on the top shelf.”  I figured I am 5’10” maybe it isn’t that bad..maybe I lookm in proportion.  I honestly believed that until I was being fitted for a photo shoot and the women pinning me asked the designer to come over.  They whispered and then finally busted out the tape measure.  There was a pause and I was told the following,” We will have to make the sleeves elbow length or add 3” to the cuff”..OK no worries..must be usual gettin’ it to look right talk..then a I was about to be told I was dying or she wanted to breakup,” It is amazing..your arms are 3” too long for your body”.



So many of us hear the misguided ideas of the fashion industry…hair, skin and what your body should fit into (weighing 2 pounds is awesome and soooo attractive)..but where in the news do they talk about arm length???  Where are the magazine articles on woman who are too lanky to get work. I kept the job but had thoughts of maybe dinosaur arms are a better look.  Instead of sucking my belly in to see what I would look like..I would be destined to looking at my image with my arms pulled into my sleeves..(OK, that was a total fib-but the thought is pretty funny).  I could admit defeat and think I should find another withe same problem and run off to the land of Mr Tickle mr_tickle but no…I searched and searched…


I found that long arms are awesome for is 10x easier to wrap in postures.  I have to admit I also have the worlds longest phalanges…(those who know me “in person” feel free to comment -except my brother). So I have super long arms and ET fingers images-3– just incase I can’t get the wrap.


And then I found Facebook…The second gift bestowed to the lanky.  I have the ability to take photos from a longer distance.  So all those with the NORMAL arms…we know you took the photo of yourself..we know because it is so close we can see if you need to work on your brows..(manscaping need not apply).



Me and the library

Posted in Flow with tags , , on February 27, 2009 by Pip

Ever since I was a kid I have loved bookstores, libraries and office supply stores.  Bookstores because I like the way they smell and more magazines a girl will ever need.  I also feel like the bookstore is kind of like a casino.  There are no clocks and you can blow a lot of time and money in them.  A library is one of my building blocks to getting my life together and hoping to get a lot done.  I will look up from my computer and see other adults typing away with notebooks and papers piled up.  It makes me want to ask them if they are on the same road I am on.  I have been on the road of, I know I am on the road but maybe I am going the wrong way.  I know what I love and what I want to do.  I know how to do it but, I let the echos of old chatter decide what I can and cannot do.  Each time I sit at the library I feel like all the BS that others seem to think can’t come near me.  It is like the table I sit at is force field against those who say no.  Today I am still working on a yoga article that I owe Triple Crankset .  I have this mind block of..”there is noway you can write this.  I have a million ideas and I can’t funnel them into one good one”…I have a fear of completing things.  Yes, you read that right.  I guess if I finish something there always seems to be something else to do.  Basically I have become lazy and comfortable with just getting by.  I feel sick to my stomach writing this and total panic about posting it.  I have not been living the yoga I teach.  The amazing thing of yoga..there is no end, no perfect and no comparison.  I have been living..trying to find the end of where I am supposed to be.  I search for a place where I can be the perfect Mum, wife, teacher and athlete. I talk and type of training and my bike but I feel lame because “compared” to others I suck and I am slow.  So with my fear of completing projects:  In yoga I have no fear of pushing my edge to get deeper in a posture. In yoga there is always another posture from the one you just figured out.  In yoga you do not search for the end you search for the now.  In yoga if you look for the prefect you will always be doesn’t exist.  In yoga there is no attempt to compare.  I am too focused on my breath and my mat to be anywhere else.  So I guess the library is my place of “what’s the game plan”.


I swear I write a training plan out once a week.  I change  it and never really do it.  I don’t write about it because then I would have to do it.  If I did it I would have to put myself out there to complete something and let others compare me.  As I type this…I realize how wacked this all sounds.  I kinda lost my way.  So I guess the library is also a place I can organize myself enough to know what I want and how to get it.


Now, office supply stores…They are a place where I find total happiness..I kid you not all those things to organize myself to stay on top of my spend a lot of money for stuff I will use for about a week…I always run into other women and they say the same thing..I don’t know what it is.  I used to love getting new school supplies- it is kinda like the tabula rasa of the learning process.  Wow this was a total babble..I hope you all have a great weekend.  




Posted in Flow on February 19, 2009 by Pip

Write..advice from a friend..just type and a blog will form! Blogs are odd.

It blinks with an on going beat
Mocking and laughing no tapping defeat

It is the creator of a timestamp on life
It records tales of goodness or strife

It still blinks no matter the time
Still I sit waiting without creating a line

I freaking hate the cursor

random thoughts to update

Posted in Flow on June 19, 2008 by Pip

I have noticed the following when riding in the early morning:

1) at 4:30a.m. putting a helmet on is tricky

2) with my light on my bars I can make cool shadow puppets

3) the shadow puppets can be made to eat cars and rednecks with one bite ( think kids in the hall ..”I’m squishing your head”)

4) I can sing really loud while riding and no one can see me ( even if they can..I don’t care it is 4:30, they are either just getting in from a bar or they just got up)…I believe singing on my bike to be like einging in the you sounds good.

5) In NC it can be 80 degrees in the morning

6) my fear of birds has ended..New fear…in NC bats can fly into your face while riding down a hill.

7) The day of the living Dead…

So in the next few days I plan to flesh out these thoughts…hope ya’ll are well and DONATE for 24 hours of booty…(….Last name Gregson)



grocery shop

Posted in Flow, Pedal with tags , , on May 30, 2008 by Pip

A few years back as a friend and I were grocery shopping we noticed a bag of peas in the make up isle. For some reason we found it funny..well it is kinda funny. Each time I shop I notice foods escaping to another isle maybe in hopes to be what they are not. The other day I saw an uncooked chicken in the water isle. I will admit I have been too lazy to walk to another isle and I might put chips in the popcorn section ( they are close to each other). But, a cold body of a chicken next to the Perrier makes you wonder..what other short cuts does this person take..and will the staff put it back in the its section like it never left (thank God I am vegan). So, let’s get back to the chicken he has already been crammed in a small crate, stuck on a truck, dismembered and wrapped up in plastic to sit in an open fridge for folks to decide, is it the chicken for them.  So the chicken is taking a trip in the cart and with in seconds he is sitting in the water isle.  Not only has this packaged bird had a nightmarish existence it has now been decided,” hmm, I want something better.”  I imagine his headless little body jumping up and running down the isle to plead his case as to why he is a great choice.  The more I think about it..we are all kinda that way-we try to make ourselves into what we believe we should be along the way we let someone else label us.  Once that label is established we hang with like labels ( other nude birds).  Then along comes this giant hand and it scoops us up and we are stoked to be taking another adventure…woohoo, we are going to have a big ol’ time.  Then, out of nowhere the wheels stop turning mumbling voices are heard and you end up with the water.  Wait this is not what I signed up for..I was supposed to become the best roasted chicken you ever had…and you sit with your drumstick legs crossed and you pout and wait for another giant hand to change your direction…… I guess we need to change our own direction..make the transition…being a roast chicken ain’t all that..being a pasty white headless bird..well, I guess we can be the best carcus we can be..Wow all that from a random grocery store story.  Let me know what you see next time you walk down the isles.

Gotta hop on my bike and teach a class..I am sure I’ll write more later

see through shorts..Lance Armstrong and cruisers

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I believe this might be one of the most random blogs I have written..alright that is total crap, but this is random.  Yesterday I went on a solo ride and without an ipod..yes, I listen to an iPod ( at least I didn’t say walkman or the CD players that have the 15 sec delay for going over bumps) but only in one ear.  Anyway, I went for a spin around the Booty Loop.  There were a  ton of folks riding so I ditched the listen to music idea.  I had the usual ride and met a few folks..after awhile I rode alone and actually enjoyed not having music ( I hate hearing myself breath)..I enjoyed being with my own thought and my own concerns with the world..I will take you through a few…1) Lance Armstrong is now dating Kate Hudson..why do I care..hmm, I really don’t yet an article I read (yes, I love crap gossip mags) it said how Kate is an cyclist who would have a lot in common with Lance. That means there are 4 year olds who would have alot in common with Lance.  hmm..naw I guess I really  don’t care 2)” I am soooo hungry if I were at home I would be..focus on riding and what you want to work on…I would be eating a bowl of cereal with soy milk..damn it, now all I can think about is” 3) why is it OK to wear see through shorts in public on a bike but not just cruising around.  Since I started my ride I have seen more cracks than a girl can handle ( maybe I should ride faster..granted I wasn’t working on that but for my own sanity I must) But, does that mean someone is having the same thought when I am in front of them.   4) Why is it OK to change in the middle of a parking lot when bike kits are involved. I am guilty of it and at times I have caught my foot in my short and had a full body spaz out in the hopes to keep my dignity ( never happens)..I lay in the parking lot like a I had been hit by a net gun

back to public half nakedness: I was born in the UK..I ran around on the beach nakies when I was a do most kids in the EU..Cycling is a well respected sport in Europe..maybe by relation it is OK to show your crack in public…

Naked on beach as kid + Europe+bikes= public crack sharing

next time I am listening to music.