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I got change in my pocket

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The most expensive age of your life is thirty-four.

-The Guardian, August 19,2006

When I first read about my age and how more cash was involved than usual..I felt a little ripped off.  I have nothing to show for new bikes, no new wheelsets..wait, I did get a computer- but, still MOST expensive??

As my list of things I didn’t buy continued…I looked at the word expensive.  Expensive can mean high cost or sacrifice..High cost can be a financial cost or a personal cost. Sacrifice can also be viewed in both categories.  So, yes this year has been the most expensive.

It all begins with NO INSURANCE (need I say more)

I had surgery without insurance…Early BDay gift from my mum..I had my bike wreck(separated shoulder and fractured scapula) without insurance…worst part about the bike wreck it was during 24HOB and I bent my wheel and front fork.

After my bike wreck I became slack at the expense of my health.  The slacker I became the worse I ate and the less I slept..creating one Craptastice 34 year old.

3 things got me back on track:

  1. felt pretty lame sitting on my ass
  2. went to Carowinds with Monks (rode the same roller coaster 9 times in a row – w/out getting off). When we were walking around I noticed a profusion of fleshy families who might have slacked off on being active
  3. the loss of a great friend

Skipper and his son Graham

Skipper and his son Graham

**the biggest kick in the ass was losing my long time friend and yoga student**

I began teaching Skipper Beck 6 years ago…I would see him 5x a week and during our practice we would chat..Over the years he became my best friend, advisor, stand in dad and someone who always made me laugh.  He was one of those people everyone thought they knew…to most he was a car dealer, a lover of sports and philanthropist…he was often in the public eye.  To me he was my motivation- he reminded me why I loved teaching.  He reminded me a lot of my dad..he was there no matter what..he was the first person I called when I got married in Vegas (sorry Mum). The best thing about Skipper was he taught me not to take myself too seriously. If it weren’t for him I would not have started riding again.  I told him I wanted to ride and I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t: I am too out of shape, I will suck and I don’t have a bike.  After practice he walked me down to his garage and pointed to his Kestrel, “I don’t use it anymore and now you don’t have an excuse.”  Each morning he would check in with me to see if I rode…My first TT was done on that bike: unfortunately since then it was taken without asking AKA stolen..

I am not going to lie..I miss the hell out of him..I was in a yoga class the other day and started laughing out of control bc I thought of something we used to joke about..the words Mula Bandha ..I am very serious when it comes to my yoga practice..but, Mula Bandha sounds funny.  Skipper and I used to yell it when postures were hard or we came up with race teams with the words Mula Bandha in it.

So, each day I think of how lucky I am to be able to ride..I think about how much I love being able to run around with my son…I think, when it is my time to go I leave a legacy of finding my path but not at the expense of others…

I guess 34 is pricey..time, bills, time and loss..but, it shapes who I am and what 35 will be like.

When I ride today and I hit a tough section..I will yell Mula Bandha and finish…

(by the way Mula Bandha is even funnier when you learn where it is located)



Reasoning behind obesity in the US (more of a safety precaution)

Reasoning behind obesity in the US (more of a safety precaution)


Fall Teaching Schedule

Posted in Live on September 11, 2008 by Pip

Pip’s Fall Schedule at Breathing Room

11am (2-3) Vinyasa

7:30pm (2) Intermediate

11am (3) Advanced

5pm (3) Advanced

If you can’t touch your toes or your “not in to yoga” wear some comfy (is that a word??)clothes and show up at the studio. If you have any questions or just wanna say “hey” my email is below. Shanti….


Posted in Live on June 21, 2008 by Pip

Over the past week I worked with Lose the Training Wheels – I had an amazing week of being reminded why I love to ride. When we shift from just riding: to taking a stand (cars suck), lose some extra weight, meet with a group or training for a race..We forget what we fell in love with-freedom.

I am guilty of jumping on my bike and picking apart everything that is not running right. I can ride and bitch about the heat,cold..general crap weather and drivers that ignore me..but, I can also take a ride and feel a breeze on my face. With each pedal stroke I gain what I let daily living has taken away..Freedom!

When I was a kid I loved cruising on my 10 speed with my summer kit on: Swim team bathing suit, flip flops,towel around neck and zinc on an overly burnt nose.

This week I was introduced to Sam he is 18 and from eastern NC…He wanted only 1 thing! He wanted to learn to ride a bike.

Monday morning was the first time he had been on a Wednesday I no longer walked next to him to help him out..I had to run at a dead sprint to keep up. You think I am kidding..By the end of 75 min my pigtails were tied back into two little knots of sweaty hair. Sam would rail on me about sweating too much. On Thursday he rode a 2 wheeler all by himself..I looked over and saw his Mum I looked back at Sam and said,”Man, I am so proud of you”..he then said “hey,Pip I am really really proud of myself”….That was the moment that I turned on the waterworks..This was a total babble..I wanted to post the pix so I gave you a little background..

Get Ya Hot Nuts!!!!

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I really could not think of any other title to explain day two of 100 degrees . The past week it has been in the high 90s…I see people out riding and they are doing the southern spin..meaning attempting to ride a good pace when it is humid and hot. You might as well ride under the ocean near a thermal vent. The other day I arrived home waiting to feel a blast of cold air as the front door opened..and as I stepped in I got “nuthin’..not a small hint of chilly just more heat with clumps of dog hair as my pups sheds for the third time. I looked down at Taupo (my dog) and she looked up with the “it is about freakin’ time you were home-wanna know what I did all day. I watched as my fur fall of in clumps bc it is 99 degrees in here.” I checked the temp it was a mere 88 in the house. I teach yoga in hotter rooms than this..I contemplated what to do as I sat in a Starbucks mooching a cold air vent. I though maybe it has cooled off now..Maybe the “I don’t wanna sweat when I get out of the shower” fairy has fixed the problem. I arrived home and it was still hot. I figured Ethan could check it out when he got home from the shop. When he arrived I did tghe classic,”I think there is something wrong with the air conditioner” (I know it is not working but I don’t wanna deal with it). Ethan went outside to see if it was running- it was but the fan wasn’t turning. Awesome, so it is working but not totally. It was the weekend and the heat and air guy would have cost a ton, we decided to ride it out. Saturday night was like camping on the equator with a down sleeping bag. The search for cold spots in the bed was nonexistent. The fact that the fans were on blowing hot air was a reminder of how a fan blows air..when it is warm it feels nice, like a little spring breeze. When you are trapped in hell, it feels like waking up to someone with hot breath ( not only does it hits the back of your neck) and it encases your entire body. After the night of no sleep I woke up and stepped outside-it felt like winter, like the end of winter when you can bust out your shorts but were a beanie and a sweater..

Later that day Ethan went to the shop ( where the air conditioning kicks ass..I stayed home to finish up some work. After changing into my third shirt I decided I was either gonna hang in my bathing suit or go to the bookstore. Of course I opted for the bookstore ( last thing I wanted to do is answer the door in my bathing suit (while rocking a “my thighs and torso rarely see light” tan). In the bookstore I went to the how to fix stuff section-(pretty sure it is called something else- but does it really matter) I pulled out books on air conditioners..Was I going to buy them “uhmmmm no”. Thank God my Mum made me take the speed reading course in my 8th grade summer. I found two answers 1) take it apart 2) call someone….I had nothing else to do, either way I was going to be sweating my ass off. So I put on my apron ( I use a mechanics apron for my “1950’s Mum baking cookies” look) and decide the air conditioner must be do that I must take it apart. Worst case scenario..I have to call someone. So I get stuck in and remember Monks and my nephew threw mud at the unit( yes, I said unit..feel free to are a tool, but feel free to giggle). I see nothing but mud and random grass stuffed everywhere. As I finished get everything back together my neighbor rolls up ( stay at home Dad who gives me hard time for being a tomboy) at that moment I have two braids with grass and mud stuck to them, sweat running down my muddy face and I am barefoot..(nothing says NC more than that). He was going to ask me to go to the pool but I wasn’t looking up to it. How awesome would it feel to jump in a cold pool…we chatted and after awhile of letting the mud dry on my face I went into the house..Into the cold air conditioned house…I the woman who is awful making cakes and casseroles rock at fixing air conditioners!!!



Grandparents, Karma and Patrick Dempsey

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We have all heard the saying,”what goes around comes around”…no kids, it was said before Justin Timberlake  never thought his name would be in my blog)…well lifes “dog chasing tail” karma bit me in the ass yesterday.  I went to Charlotte Latin from 3rd-12th grade..we lived an hour away but my folks wanted a private school.  In lower school we had Grandparents Day every was this big show of kids singing top 20 songs and when I was in 5th grade I was one of the Andrew Sisters singing boogie woogie bugle boy and sentimental journey.  I remember my Mum being so proud and my Dad looking completely bored (proud but bored).  Grandparents Day was kinda cool..,for kids who weren’t “A” students, it was a time that we could be total lower school bad asses….

Yesterday, Monks had Grandparents Day….I felt like I was at a Dead Show trying to find seats (I need a miracle) and friends.  I am not even stretching the truth when I say..families were at the school by 6:30am  for a 9:30 show…..for good seats.  Parents had seats saved by names on paper, newspapers (WSJ, NYT)…and then there was a row with Star,Us weekly and Road-that would be my row.  Most parents, don’t want people to know that they read total crap mags, (Star,Us) I am here to say if you are gonna do it you gotta own it.  I like seeing who is cought without makeup,broke up and gossip..not to mention seeing Patrick Dempsey cruising down the sidewalk while his daughter learns to ride.  It is a good thing he is decked out in full kitPatrick Dempsey and Tallulah..maybe he is helping his daughter learn that adults dress in Garanimal clothes too.  Maybe it was a gift from her..or maybe- I really don’t have another excuse. But, Patrick wear your helmet when you ride with your kid (and when our photo will be in a magazine)  Anyway, Road was my saving grace-noone is going to ask me about playgroups,projects or anything while my face is buried in it.  Finally it is 9:30 and the gym has over 2400 parents/GP squished into a vast space of raising temp, kickin’ coffee breathe and younger kids who wanted to leave.

As soon as the lights came up and I saw 16 kids dressed as ants (all black costumes with hoods).  Parents began to sit up to figure out where their kid soon as Monks walked out I could tell it was him.  He is tall (go figure – I’m 5’10”), lanky and carries himself with total Joy…OK, to be honest we put bright red shoes on him!!!  Come on they were all in black.

So karma found me.  When I was waiting for the show to start I understood that even though my parents looked so tired and ready to head home by the end of the show…they were so proud.  I had goosebumps and tears as I watched kids bump into each other and sing “the ants go marching”…We all want to be ROCKSTARS..when kids do anything in public and clapping is involved they are at automatic rockstar status.

It’s raining and I am about to play soccer with 8 boys (5-8 yrs old) and then we are playing mud bike..ride thru a mud puddle and we rate by amount of mud and style.

I get extra style points for being a Mum, a girl and old (I mights break a hip)…I’ll post pix tomorrow.



I am over the microscope

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There are so many things I could write about..but there are so many times I feel like I can’t. For the past few years I have lived under a microscope..not the kind that one places on themselves..but, the kind that is forced upon them. I honestly have a basic life and I do basic things. I wake up, some mornings I wake my son up for school and other mornings I wake up and head to the gym and then the bike shop. That is where the microscope begins.

8 years ago I married a guy who made me laugh, was likeminded and dorked out as much as me. As all things in life it didn’t workout the way we wanted and we separated. The details of our separation are just that, details..facts that are obvious. The details during a separation are stretched and at times ignored. The one detail that will not change is we were given the gift of an amazing child.

The thing that few understand….I will forever honor my ex. Without him I would not have my son. During and after the finalization of our divorce people asked me what I thought about my ex…some were friends, some family and then the lawyers. So, I have decided to come clean..I have decided to help those who need to go through communication wormholes to find the truth…I have decided to live a life without a microscope. I have decided to my life: there is not a husband, family member, friend or even lawyer who can change what I think of my ex-husband:

He is a man who has the ability to make a person laugh until their stomach hurts ( just like our son), he is very close with his family and those he loves (much like our son), he has a great ability of taking a blank page or canvas and create works of art (much like our son), he is athletic (much like our son), he is kind to those he loves (much like our son)..

There are two sides to every story…

I am a woman who believes we are inherently good(much like our son), I love to make others laugh (much like our son), I am very close with my family and those who I love (much like our son), I have the ability to close a shutter and freeze time (much like our son), I love riding and all things athletic (much like our son), I am kind to those I love and those I do not know (much like our son)…

I am a great Mum (much like my Mum)
He is a great Dad (Much like MY Dad)

In my past blogs (Black Sheep Cycles Blog)I have written about my Dad and how he is greatly missed…I have told stories of how and why he is my hero…I tell my son stories of my dad and how he and my mum shaped who I am.

I would never take away the opportunity of my son respecting and loving his dad. My child deserves to hear words of love and kindness when hearing about the other parent..he deserves to love who he is.

A child deserves an environment that enables them to grow in understanding, respecting and loving who they are. I believe my son deserves these things…

Not a ramble of a ride or a funny mishap of my day… just a blog I will not reread in fear I will loose the guts to post it.