Age, Cowbells and Honesty

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I can’t begin to explain how truly out of shape I am. I somehow forgot that 3 years of my life have passed and I kinda forgot to..ride, run, or just keep in shape in general. I am not saying I am throwing in the towel give me the sweatpants and a bag of chips while I watch you ride kinda out of shape. I am more at the it was ok to joke about being out of shape but damn maybe I should put in some effort.

As a yoga teacher I often talk about judging..don’t compare, keep your eyes on your own mat..blahblahblah..But, I also give my students 1-3 minutes of competing (usually girls against guys)..before anyone freaks, it is not very yogic but, yes it is very human. The competition: jump switches (mt climbers)..we go by hang time and ninja like silence…it is not really about who in the classroom is the biggest is more about “trying easy”…something that a student assumes they can’t do..realizes the following 1) I might as well try it…2) Let me try it again 3) this is kinda fun 4) I can do it..not perfect but I don’t mind practicing

The competition becomes a noncompetitive become a group of folks trying and enjoying the community which develops around it. By the end of our jump switches everyone is usually laughing ..not because we are judging more because..honestly, I don’t me it seems like there is an earned respect between all the students..You tried..You are a badass!

Back to my honesty of being not what I always type. I think I have become a person who used to be really athletic and started riding a lot..over the years that amount of riding has dwindled (in a big way)..but, in my mind it is still 3 years ago and it is ok to take a few days off..only problem a few days becomes a few months. So I am still talking about my 2 wheels of freedom..but the tires are flat and my saddle once again hurts.

So…(you knew I was getting to takes me awhile) I need to step up to the ol’ honesty plate..I need to practice what I preach and I need to let ya’ll know where I am…I need to “try easy” instead setting up 8 million excuses and road blocks as too why I can’t do it or why I am out of shape..excuses and road blocks make things hard and is a lot to keep up withJ

Trying just that…do this cx season in small bites. Don’t expect amazing results if I have been too lazy to earn them…

I signed up with Training Peaks…This was the first step in my road of “holy crap I am getting old and damn I am out of shape”..I have changed the start date three times (made excuses)..last night I was supposed to ride 1.5 hrs and I could only ride 30 min. I am supposed to do “rows” and I swear my bike has gained 20 lbs.

Today I am supposed to run and do hills for 30 min…So, my blog is my new coach…I will be dead honest with what I do everyday for training..I will be dead honest how I race and I will be dead honest when it is not going well..but, gotta keep plugging away… Feel free to leave me pointers or if you want to meet up and ride….

And now the debate of posting this or not….I am truly embarrassed as to where I am in my fitness. But, like my yoga students I gotta just keep doing might not be pretty, it might make folks uncomfortable to watch…but at least I am going to ride CX this season…


I mean..I gotta represent Black Sheep Cartel….My KC teammates need a little CLT love.



***grammar and spelling …sorry, if I reread I won’t post***


Follow through and take no prisoners

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I am trying too hard..I mean I am typing and trying to construct this amazing blog to explain why..I ride..why I ride in 24 Hours of Booty..Why I ride fixed in 24HOB…

After watching Monks finish his first triathlon last week..I was so proud and happy..But there was an undertow or a back beat of a little sadness. During the race I could hear his granddad (on his dad’s side) cheering for him. I could see Monks pick up the pace with each yell. The back beat???? My dad…he wasn’t there. Monks never met my dad..he’s heard stories, been hugged by my dad’s mum; but never felt his bear hug that could make anything better. When I was a kid any team I was a part of knew my dad. He wasn’t the dad who kept stats of the team..he was the dad in Charlotte, NC who was loud….I mean loud with a British voice that carried amazingly well on any field, court or course. He was the dad who knew me better than anyone when it came to sports..knew when I was bagging out, knew when it wasn’t my day , and when I reaped rewards from working hard. If I fell on the field during soccer or kinda got hurt..I would hear “get a move on Gregson”, “Challenge” and my favorite “Gregson, follow through and take no prisoners”……

“Take no prisoners” took a different role during my dad’s 18 month battle with leukemia. It became a mantra for my dad to keep pushing….my dad did push and followed through but he lost his fight on January 4 ,2000. My dad never saw me become a coach for HS kids, he never walked me down the isle, he wasn’t there for the birth of McDade…I can’t hear his voice telling me to take no prisoners as I attempt cyclocross….

But, my dad was there to teach me that anything is possible. He was there to talk for hours about goofy stuff and laugh ( he was just as loud as I am)…He ( as well as my amazing mum) left me with an example of how to love and honor my son. He taught me that no matter what I will always be there for my son. He also taught me to be at every event..but most of all..he taught me how to yell really loud and not care who’s watching☺
It does make me sad that Monks (McDade) never met him..but, between my brother and me he gets the gist. There are moments I look at Monks and he is a lot like my dad. There are moments on my bike I can feel him next to me.

I ride in 24HOB for several reasons…To help raise money so others will have a dad to walk them down the isle. I am riding to raise money to help those who are fighting to “take no prisoners”. My final reason I am riding for 24 hours it is just my dad and I
Why do I ride a fixed gear bike? Because there is no coasting during treatment for cancer..why should I when raising $ to fight it.

I ride for those who fight, who have won and those who have lost….
Please donate:
Fixed to Fight

Yogi Prahlad Jani no food or water 70 years fasting

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Yogi Prahlad Jani no food or water 70 years fasting yogi starving Indian yogi

82-year-old yogi Prahlad Jani claims he hasn’t had a sip of water or a morsel of food since he was blessed by a goddess and given special powers as a child. Can this be true? A team of doctors and researchers at India’s Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences held a press conference last week to announce the conclusion of their 15 day investigation on Indian holy man.

Doctors found no evidence that Jani ate or drank anything and they found no adverse effects in his body from hunger or dehydration. They think that yoga exercises may have caused Jani’s body to undergo a biological transformation. The researchers said tests found that his brain is equivalent to that of a 25-year-old. – Epoch Times

“If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one,” said, neurologist Sudhir Shah. “As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories.”
I can’t wait till his diet book comes out……

From a great show and a great guy

Hard to be ADHD,YT and PC in NC

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I try to write blogs…I try to sit in front of my blinking cursor hoping that all my random bottled up thoughts will shoot through my fingers and onto the screen. Guess what it doesn’t work…When I teach I talk about letting go of the “monkey mind”…you know all over the place..”what is for dinner” “I can’t believe I said that”..”Shut the hell up I am trying not to think…” You know the basic crap that floats around in our minds. We live in the age of hurry up and move on..or do 10 things and hope they work out. Maybe I am speaking from my own personal point of view..Yes, I am a wife and parent. Yes, I teach and most of all practice yoga! Yes, I study to expand my understanding of what I teach. Yes, I am a mum who has places to be, people to please, bikes to ride and stories to read at bedtime. I try to be committed to each thing I do…when I am doing homework with Monks..that is what I am doing…same with bedtime stories.

The thing is..I am great at giving someone else my full attention and being present but when it comes to myself the “Chitta Vritti” (mind fluctuations or thoughts) get in the way…Chitta Vritti is the “monkey mind” I was talking about. I am a teacher who has ADD..I am not saying like, oops I have a wee bit of ADD..I mean…well, hell if you are reading this, I tend to bounce all over the place when I type.

When I was becoming a YT I attempted to mask or downplay my monkey mind. The thing that would happen, my classes would be boring or without any fire and I was exhausted in my attempts of reigning in what many people attempt to brush under the rug. So what I am about to say…. If you are a member of the Gregson family and already freak that I keep a blog (Mum) and people might learn I tend to make comments that annoy some and make the rest…whatever the rest does….. So before I upset people about ADHD, ADD, Yoga or North Carolina….You can’t get mad..I am yoga teacher with ADHD living in NC who can’t believe the NRA is having a convention down the street..Every God fearin ‘ good ol’ boy will be uptown..maybe I will ride my bike downtown and hand out yoga schedules…just so I can work on sprint speed while hauling ass away from bottles being hurled at my none PC head …..

yeah..I fit in all the adhd,yt,pc,nc,bs:)

***If I proof read I will never you will have to put away your red correction pens***


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I have noticed that as the day is beginning to wind down..and my breathe begins to heart beats do the random cues from the day (a certain smell, lighting or the thoughts of another) that swirl in my mind..As I begin to settle with what was and what is..more thoughts swirl as to what will be. How are we supposed to live in the present..if we are to learn from our past doesn’t that mean we have to think about it..maybe take it apart…when we put it back together is it then the present or is it the past with a present game plan for what will and what won’t be??

If I am typing this now..was I thinking about it before and am I planning to post it later….Am I

Or is my writing leading me


Being on time can be overrated

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The past few days have felt out of know the kind of week when you get to places at the nick of time and you remember things the last minute. At first I was all annoyed with myself..”why am I so out of wack..why am I not as organized”…blah blah blah. Yes, it does suck when you feel like you are running behind for an appointment which makes you run behind for the next…But, I have to be honest, I have had a breakthrough (I guess that is what it is called). I have been teaching yoga for a long time and I talk about being in the moment and being present. I talk about being your own truth. where you are when you are and be who you are as you are. As a teacher I truly believe the words I say..I truly believe that you yoga practice is a reflection as who you are in your daily life. Your reaction on the mat usually is pretty similar as to how your react off of the mat. I’ll give you a few examples..1) when things get tough in the outside tend to fight harder and sometimes it makes you more frustrated…when postures get tough on your mat..if you fight your way into them *(muscle into them) they get much harder and yes, more frustration begins. 2) We compare ourselves or try to keep up with what everyone else is doing..on your mat you might do it a few times but you realize there is no point. Basically your mat is a big teacher..yes, I am teaching and helping you along the way but when it is all said and done- you are your own teacher. So back to my out of wackness….BY (before yoga) I would have been upset and let it put a damper on things…but AY(after yoga) I have found that being a few seconds behind is not always bad. When there is a major time crunch..I will focus and get things done. If people are depending on me I am fully committed to my time with them… times your daily life will force you to become react in the moment. Now there are two things you can do if in this situation 1) try easy or 2) try hard
1) I have become a fan of try easy, (relax into a posture you relax into results) meaning your ducks are in a row..but if one is out of nudge it back into pl;ace..there is no need for a total freak out.
2) Trying kinda like muscling into a yoga only makes it harder..usually 1 freak out leads to another..

I hope you all have a “try easy” day…now if I am riding hills…I’ll get back to you


Name Game

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I have been trying to come up with a creative way to bring up my name confusion..I was born as Claire Louise (yeah, I know) Gregson. It is true that I can quote line by line all references to the name Claire from the Breakfast Club. I grew up answering to Claire or Gregson….Over the years I have noticed that whenever I have tried something new or difficult I had a common pigtails. It was first brought to my attention when I (20 years old)did the Alaska Mountaineering NOLS course. I always wore braids (what else can you do when you don’t shower for a month?). One of my tent mates started calling me Pippi and asked me if my braids were like Sampson’s hair? He asked if someone cut them off in my sleep what would happen (we were snowed in..and had run out of things to talk about). I decided that they would automatically sprout back and be even stronger. A month after I returned from my trip I received a letter from my tent mate (a 40 year old lawyer from NYC)..he wrote a poem called “Pigtail Power”..kinda goofy but I still have it..he told me that whenever things seem difficult I still have my smile and my braids. When I was in college I started Mt biking and once again I wore my braids for two reasons air conditioning and you could tell who I was. When I studied I wore pigtails. When I started doing yoga pigtails were the best way to go…In teacher training I kept my pigtails and the name Pippi came back. I started a goofy little ritual..whenever I would get nervous or freaked out I would have a little bit of a meditation as I braided my hair. Over the years my braids began to change into a ponytail…as my bike grew dusty I leaned more to the low ponytail…not full on “mom hair” but it was close. The day I started to ride a fixie..the pigtails were back in..the day I started to ride on the road the pigtails were in…the day I realized that not all relationships are healthy I had the good ol’ pigtails to remind me I am a strong person. As I kept riding and I discovered that even friends will astonish you and attempt to cut you down I (like my pigtails) spout back even stronger. But ,all comes back to why I wore them: I was trying something new or difficult. During the first year I rode in 24 Hours of Booty I put spokes in my pigtails….I was riding for people who were going through something difficult (cancer treatment) I would pigtail up in honor of them. With each lap I realized that the pigtails made people smile or laugh..With each lap riders called me Pip with each lap I remembered that I really like who I am when I am pushing myself to expand my edge. Since that first 24HOB I was called Pip by folks…I am still Claire to my family and long time friends…but, deep down I have always been Pip..because I always have my braids and my smile. So, for those who are bothered by me going Pip..all I can say is ..REALLY, it honestly bothers are annoyed by my nickname…you have wasted your time being bothered by…My braids…

I told you guys they had power;)

If you used to take yoga from me..I still teach- it is just under the name Pip (I gotta admit it is easier to remember)


….whatever name

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