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Posted in Flow, Pedal with tags , , on May 30, 2008 by Pip

A few years back as a friend and I were grocery shopping we noticed a bag of peas in the make up isle. For some reason we found it funny..well it is kinda funny. Each time I shop I notice foods escaping to another isle maybe in hopes to be what they are not. The other day I saw an uncooked chicken in the water isle. I will admit I have been too lazy to walk to another isle and I might put chips in the popcorn section ( they are close to each other). But, a cold body of a chicken next to the Perrier makes you wonder..what other short cuts does this person take..and will the staff put it back in the its section like it never left (thank God I am vegan). So, let’s get back to the chicken he has already been crammed in a small crate, stuck on a truck, dismembered and wrapped up in plastic to sit in an open fridge for folks to decide, is it the chicken for them.  So the chicken is taking a trip in the cart and with in seconds he is sitting in the water isle.  Not only has this packaged bird had a nightmarish existence it has now been decided,” hmm, I want something better.”  I imagine his headless little body jumping up and running down the isle to plead his case as to why he is a great choice.  The more I think about it..we are all kinda that way-we try to make ourselves into what we believe we should be along the way we let someone else label us.  Once that label is established we hang with like labels ( other nude birds).  Then along comes this giant hand and it scoops us up and we are stoked to be taking another adventure…woohoo, we are going to have a big ol’ time.  Then, out of nowhere the wheels stop turning mumbling voices are heard and you end up with the water.  Wait this is not what I signed up for..I was supposed to become the best roasted chicken you ever had…and you sit with your drumstick legs crossed and you pout and wait for another giant hand to change your direction…… I guess we need to change our own direction..make the transition…being a roast chicken ain’t all that..being a pasty white headless bird..well, I guess we can be the best carcus we can be..Wow all that from a random grocery store story.  Let me know what you see next time you walk down the isles.

Gotta hop on my bike and teach a class..I am sure I’ll write more later