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I am my own science experiment

Posted in Pedal with tags , , , on April 18, 2008 by Pip

I have decided to come clean..

Ever since I started teaching yoga I would attempt to remind myself what students go through.  I would eat a ton before I practiced – yes, it makes you feel like ass.  I would run or ride a ton and not stretch-for the love of god folks, hips and hamstrings. I would not do a damn thing for several weeks and practice-your body remembers but it makes it hard to get there.

I decided to branch out in my need to remind myself, why I do what I do.  This experiment involves me removing the following:

1) Eating well

2) Daily Yoga practice

3) Ride

4) Drinking water (why drink water when you can break several years of not    drinking soda)

When, you may ask, did I decide to start this experiment..At the end of cross season.  I did it for all those out there,who want to know-“Why in the hell do I do this?”

OK, here is the deal: I became lazy!  I became so lazy that I morphed back into my sophomore (I drink and eat crap) mode.  Instead of drinking (haven’t touched a drop for almost two years) I added candy.

All kidding aside-part 2 of my experiment begins tomorrow:

get off my ass and do the following:

1) Water

2) eat well

3) Ride

4) Yoga daily

5) Ride

6) Ride

I am starting my race season in June.

If you actually read the entire post-it is your job to hold my lazy ass accountable.

I will see some of you on the road.