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Age, Cowbells and Honesty

Posted in Flow, Pedal with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 3, 2010 by Pip

I can’t begin to explain how truly out of shape I am. I somehow forgot that 3 years of my life have passed and I kinda forgot to..ride, run, or just keep in shape in general. I am not saying I am throwing in the towel give me the sweatpants and a bag of chips while I watch you ride kinda out of shape. I am more at the it was ok to joke about being out of shape but damn maybe I should put in some effort.

As a yoga teacher I often talk about judging..don’t compare, keep your eyes on your own mat..blahblahblah..But, I also give my students 1-3 minutes of competing (usually girls against guys)..before anyone freaks, it is not very yogic but, yes it is very human. The competition: jump switches (mt climbers)..we go by hang time and ninja like silence…it is not really about who in the classroom is the biggest is more about “trying easy”…something that a student assumes they can’t do..realizes the following 1) I might as well try it…2) Let me try it again 3) this is kinda fun 4) I can do it..not perfect but I don’t mind practicing

The competition becomes a noncompetitive become a group of folks trying and enjoying the community which develops around it. By the end of our jump switches everyone is usually laughing ..not because we are judging more because..honestly, I don’t me it seems like there is an earned respect between all the students..You tried..You are a badass!

Back to my honesty of being not what I always type. I think I have become a person who used to be really athletic and started riding a lot..over the years that amount of riding has dwindled (in a big way)..but, in my mind it is still 3 years ago and it is ok to take a few days off..only problem a few days becomes a few months. So I am still talking about my 2 wheels of freedom..but the tires are flat and my saddle once again hurts.

So…(you knew I was getting to takes me awhile) I need to step up to the ol’ honesty plate..I need to practice what I preach and I need to let ya’ll know where I am…I need to “try easy” instead setting up 8 million excuses and road blocks as too why I can’t do it or why I am out of shape..excuses and road blocks make things hard and is a lot to keep up withJ

Trying just that…do this cx season in small bites. Don’t expect amazing results if I have been too lazy to earn them…

I signed up with Training Peaks…This was the first step in my road of “holy crap I am getting old and damn I am out of shape”..I have changed the start date three times (made excuses)..last night I was supposed to ride 1.5 hrs and I could only ride 30 min. I am supposed to do “rows” and I swear my bike has gained 20 lbs.

Today I am supposed to run and do hills for 30 min…So, my blog is my new coach…I will be dead honest with what I do everyday for training..I will be dead honest how I race and I will be dead honest when it is not going well..but, gotta keep plugging away… Feel free to leave me pointers or if you want to meet up and ride….

And now the debate of posting this or not….I am truly embarrassed as to where I am in my fitness. But, like my yoga students I gotta just keep doing might not be pretty, it might make folks uncomfortable to watch…but at least I am going to ride CX this season…


I mean..I gotta represent Black Sheep Cartel….My KC teammates need a little CLT love.



***grammar and spelling …sorry, if I reread I won’t post***

CX, Black Sheep Cycles, Cartel and I have fallen

Posted in Pedal with tags , , , , on September 26, 2008 by Pip

I have been beyond slack I have had tons of ideas and thoughts about what to gets in the way.  Actually that is not true..I get lazy..if I could do this without typing I might get to it each day.  I posted my class schedule..THANKS for not showing up to my classes..Where is the love people??  I am a yoga teacher who wants to race cross this season and I need $$$ to register.  If you feel overly guilty I am willing for some random sponsorship ( kidding..or am I?).  I have been riding -but, not as much as I should.  I feel like I can not remember how to do anything when it comes to CX.  I remember how to make the “I think I am going to die/puke face” I remember what everyones kits look like from behind and I remember loving ever minute of finishing.

We have closed the bike shop..Black Sheep Cycles has moved into our house..every morning I wake up to bike bits and pieces and a rooms of frames.  We are still selling goodies but I miss seeing customers and chatting on the phone to suppliers and other bike people.  The day we finished moving out I was crying (full on ugly cry face) myself in the car,in traffic and no phone.  I wish I could explain to all of our customers and friends how much we love and appreciate you guys. I miss you guys and I am always up for a coffee or peddling on a bike.  I feel like I have lost all my friends (so sad but so true).  Folks in our neighborhood just don’t enjoy chats on campy or sram….steel or carbon…How much does your wheelset weigh?  Shoot me an email so I can catch up with you guys…

Black Sheep Cartel is still around and under new management!!!! I have taken over the team and I hope it to be built of folks who love to ride.  We want to create a group of people who work and ride well together. Chris Thomas is our KC connection and has been with the team since last year. Alan Wages is the guy who knows what is going on ( on and off the bike) . Pip Gregson (me) is the person who asks and answers questions. We have a few riders for the Cross season and we want to slowly build from there…Questions concerns..just wanna give us know where to find me.

To end on an odd and high note…We no longer have to hear the commercials for “I have fallen and I can’t get up”.  Good thing the bbc posted this sweet new protection from breaking a hip.

I am thinking this would be big during the CX season or at least a night out with Zeke