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Smell test

Posted in Pedal with tags , , on July 17, 2008 by Pip

I don’t care what anyone says..we are all forced to (every now and then) do the clothing on floor smell test.  Then there is the “I forgot my kit..Hey, I left one in the car from yesterday.” 2 smell tests with 2 different standards.

1) Clothing on floor:

questions to ask..

Did I wear it where people smoke or eat crap fried food? If yes, attempt dryer..if it doesn’t work..take the “I don’t give a rats ass what people think” approach.

Does it have stains that I can play off or at least make a good story?

Is it really clean?  Was it on the “I swear I’ll fold and put away”section of my bed….which means I threw on the floor to get some sleep.

2) Kit in car:

questions to ask…

How long was my ride yesterday..did I remember deodorant? Did I sweat or just Glisten( it is what girls do in the south…you can tell I was not born here bc after a ride I look like I went swimming)?

Did I take Shots and food out of pockets (Do I really care..if I did not)

How hot was it in the car ( the resting place for a still wet kit to roast in…mmmmmmm)?

Am I riding alone or is it with the usual group…usual group and self-who cares everyone gross by the end.  Riding with people you don’t know-hang in the back, fabreeze, drive with windows down or rub packs of gum on your jersey.

The final smell test that needs to be a little precise..smelling your water bottle before a ride..nuthin’ worse than dying for water and drinking mildew/protein water..