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Get Ya Hot Nuts!!!!

Posted in Live with tags , , , on June 9, 2008 by Pip

I really could not think of any other title to explain day two of 100 degrees . The past week it has been in the high 90s…I see people out riding and they are doing the southern spin..meaning attempting to ride a good pace when it is humid and hot. You might as well ride under the ocean near a thermal vent. The other day I arrived home waiting to feel a blast of cold air as the front door opened..and as I stepped in I got “nuthin’..not a small hint of chilly just more heat with clumps of dog hair as my pups sheds for the third time. I looked down at Taupo (my dog) and she looked up with the “it is about freakin’ time you were home-wanna know what I did all day. I watched as my fur fall of in clumps bc it is 99 degrees in here.” I checked the temp it was a mere 88 in the house. I teach yoga in hotter rooms than this..I contemplated what to do as I sat in a Starbucks mooching a cold air vent. I though maybe it has cooled off now..Maybe the “I don’t wanna sweat when I get out of the shower” fairy has fixed the problem. I arrived home and it was still hot. I figured Ethan could check it out when he got home from the shop. When he arrived I did tghe classic,”I think there is something wrong with the air conditioner” (I know it is not working but I don’t wanna deal with it). Ethan went outside to see if it was running- it was but the fan wasn’t turning. Awesome, so it is working but not totally. It was the weekend and the heat and air guy would have cost a ton, we decided to ride it out. Saturday night was like camping on the equator with a down sleeping bag. The search for cold spots in the bed was nonexistent. The fact that the fans were on blowing hot air was a reminder of how a fan blows air..when it is warm it feels nice, like a little spring breeze. When you are trapped in hell, it feels like waking up to someone with hot breath ( not only does it hits the back of your neck) and it encases your entire body. After the night of no sleep I woke up and stepped outside-it felt like winter, like the end of winter when you can bust out your shorts but were a beanie and a sweater..

Later that day Ethan went to the shop ( where the air conditioning kicks ass..I stayed home to finish up some work. After changing into my third shirt I decided I was either gonna hang in my bathing suit or go to the bookstore. Of course I opted for the bookstore ( last thing I wanted to do is answer the door in my bathing suit (while rocking a “my thighs and torso rarely see light” tan). In the bookstore I went to the how to fix stuff section-(pretty sure it is called something else- but does it really matter) I pulled out books on air conditioners..Was I going to buy them “uhmmmm no”. Thank God my Mum made me take the speed reading course in my 8th grade summer. I found two answers 1) take it apart 2) call someone….I had nothing else to do, either way I was going to be sweating my ass off. So I put on my apron ( I use a mechanics apron for my “1950’s Mum baking cookies” look) and decide the air conditioner must be do that I must take it apart. Worst case scenario..I have to call someone. So I get stuck in and remember Monks and my nephew threw mud at the unit( yes, I said unit..feel free to are a tool, but feel free to giggle). I see nothing but mud and random grass stuffed everywhere. As I finished get everything back together my neighbor rolls up ( stay at home Dad who gives me hard time for being a tomboy) at that moment I have two braids with grass and mud stuck to them, sweat running down my muddy face and I am barefoot..(nothing says NC more than that). He was going to ask me to go to the pool but I wasn’t looking up to it. How awesome would it feel to jump in a cold pool…we chatted and after awhile of letting the mud dry on my face I went into the house..Into the cold air conditioned house…I the woman who is awful making cakes and casseroles rock at fixing air conditioners!!!