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Little Kicks without brakes

Posted in Pedal with tags , , , , , on June 25, 2009 by Pip

IMG_1943I woke up and walked Monks over to LAX camp. On the walk home..I was in is 9:00 am and I am not sweating my ass off!! It was a sign..a sign to get my ass in the saddle and ride! I walked through the door and grabbed the pump..I looked at my back tire and it was shredded..not just a wee bit but a ton..last ride my bike wheel slid out from under me, but due to  my  upper body spaz out, I managed to recover. Need less to say I was not about to take it out. Then I saw my Vanilla out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t taken it outy since my 2 month break…I was switching my pedals out and Ethan reminded me that..I haven’t been riding and I haven’t been riding with out a brake in awhile. I told him I would be fine ( as soon as I said it I had the fear of eating it and proving him right)..I walked back to the bedroom and started getting dressed..couldn’t find my HRM..then I found it under laundry. I am not sure if anyone else knows the HRM dance..But, I am the queen of it. You know the moving around and trying to find your damn heart beat. Guys, ya’ll don’t have to worry about the second part of the dance..the sports bra placement twist. Then there is the which crap goes in what pocket..Getting dress makes me feel like Elaine’s Dance in Seinfeld (Little Kicks).

I am riding later on tonite… we will see if my gearing needs to be changed..I have already had several young riders inform me my gearing ise easy..”Look at the size of your chain ring…” Then I have to let these kids know it is 10 pitch..I still am old but at least they give me a little street cred…
I mean that is the only reason I ride…..




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