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Posted in Flow with tags , , , , on February 13, 2008 by Pip

It was pointed out to me that there is a thread in bike forums that is railing on me..first I look like Skeletor- I freakin’ loved HeMan. But I like the Thundercats the best. Then there was the banter of..I was writing the post! I have so much time to write fake threads. I love writing BS threads about myself. Then there was the talk of wanting hits on my page. I didn’t realize that I would receive payment per hit. I better get out there and write some more threads.

Honestly, I have been in my sons room writing V-Day cards-the ones we used to give out in lower school. Those cards crack me up. I think we should give out cards to random people. You know what I mean..we all have our own routine in the morning be it getting the news paper or coffee from the same place. How awesome would it be to hand out cards to people: saying “thanks for giving me a smile each day”, “Thanks for holding the door”, “Thanks for making me realize my coffee is less complicated than yours,”Will you be my Valentine bc I love the way you glare at me”, “will you be mine bc the way you flipped me off in traffic seemed so heartfelt”….I am sure we can come up with more….”Will you be my Valentine bc you yelled “get of the road” when my bike zipped past your car in traffic”, “will you be my Valentine bc you ran me off the road as you talked on your cellphone,ate your breakfast and picked your nose.”

Sorry for the rant..I was going to write about people who ride..Maybe I will in a bit..

Happy VDay Kids!!