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Posted in Pedal with tags , on July 18, 2008 by Pip

I went on an early ride…within 10 min a car ( who was speeding) pushed me off the road…I ended up wrecking..I hit a tree, split my helmet and was on the ground hoping someone would find me (like most friendly drivers..the car didn’t stop.  I heard several cars one bllnkeys were on…finally a guy stopped called an ambulance..I spent 7 hours in the hospital…I have a concussion, some scratches and a big ankle..they thought I cracked my neck…but, thanks to yoga I was relaxed when I ate it.

I am feeling a little blah….but the following was uttered as I was put in the ambulance…”Is my bike OK, we can’t leave it”, “Is it normal not to know what year it is”, and “Will I be able to ride in 24HOB”

The coolest thing of the day…My bike was put in the ambulance and then sat in my room at the hospital.