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I am over the microscope

Posted in Live with tags , , on April 2, 2008 by Pip

There are so many things I could write about..but there are so many times I feel like I can’t. For the past few years I have lived under a microscope..not the kind that one places on themselves..but, the kind that is forced upon them. I honestly have a basic life and I do basic things. I wake up, some mornings I wake my son up for school and other mornings I wake up and head to the gym and then the bike shop. That is where the microscope begins.

8 years ago I married a guy who made me laugh, was likeminded and dorked out as much as me. As all things in life it didn’t workout the way we wanted and we separated. The details of our separation are just that, details..facts that are obvious. The details during a separation are stretched and at times ignored. The one detail that will not change is we were given the gift of an amazing child.

The thing that few understand….I will forever honor my ex. Without him I would not have my son. During and after the finalization of our divorce people asked me what I thought about my ex…some were friends, some family and then the lawyers. So, I have decided to come clean..I have decided to help those who need to go through communication wormholes to find the truth…I have decided to live a life without a microscope. I have decided to my life: there is not a husband, family member, friend or even lawyer who can change what I think of my ex-husband:

He is a man who has the ability to make a person laugh until their stomach hurts ( just like our son), he is very close with his family and those he loves (much like our son), he has a great ability of taking a blank page or canvas and create works of art (much like our son), he is athletic (much like our son), he is kind to those he loves (much like our son)..

There are two sides to every story…

I am a woman who believes we are inherently good(much like our son), I love to make others laugh (much like our son), I am very close with my family and those who I love (much like our son), I have the ability to close a shutter and freeze time (much like our son), I love riding and all things athletic (much like our son), I am kind to those I love and those I do not know (much like our son)…

I am a great Mum (much like my Mum)
He is a great Dad (Much like MY Dad)

In my past blogs (Black Sheep Cycles Blog)I have written about my Dad and how he is greatly missed…I have told stories of how and why he is my hero…I tell my son stories of my dad and how he and my mum shaped who I am.

I would never take away the opportunity of my son respecting and loving his dad. My child deserves to hear words of love and kindness when hearing about the other parent..he deserves to love who he is.

A child deserves an environment that enables them to grow in understanding, respecting and loving who they are. I believe my son deserves these things…

Not a ramble of a ride or a funny mishap of my day… just a blog I will not reread in fear I will loose the guts to post it.