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Way to work it…U double thumbs up person U!!!

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Really…??? I have never claimed to be this amazing super human..A mum that has an answer for all things (good and evil), a teacher who lives the perfect yogic lifestyle, a friend who is sooooo easy to get in touch with, a wife who can clean, fold, label and fix dinner in 5 mins, a cyclist who actually rides..But, in general I am pretty happy with who I am..I have been attempting to keep on the straight-ish and sometimes narrow path ( I personally feel straight and narrow sounds like an easy way to zone out on my travels). Yeah, I struggle with stuff and I go into hiding but eventually I figure things out.

I am a mum who remembers how hard it was in school to channel one controlled answer from a billion ideas bouncing around in the ol’ noggin. When the class was quiet I felt the need to fill in the space…I am not saying, “hey let your kids go nuts..let them be rude, loud and know nothing about other people and their needs and rights”…

I am a yoga teacher who has learned that nothing goes the way you want it to..when it looks easy it is usually hard..the cuter the name the harder the pose. I have been reintroduced to not filling in quite space with words ( I told you I struggle). As a teacher and a parent I have learned if you don’t bend…..YOU BREAK. Discipline is learned over time…yoga, riding, being a parent and being a kid takes discipline.

So, as the un-super human that I am..I try to live a, sometimes ,disciplined yet bending life. There are some self proclaimed super humans who seem to live a life that is run by schedules, charts and skills in all portions of life. In the past I had dreams of becoming that person…If being that person makes me a super “let me tell you where you need to change because I have figured out my life” human..

I’d rather be a sometimes correct mum…yoga teacher who gets frustrated in certain postures, a friend who is trying, a wife who can keep the house dog fur free, and a cyclist who needs a swift kick in the ass to get on her bike…

To those who have figured out the flow of life…I give you a thumbs up….no, wait a double thumbs are awesome….There is no need to email or tell me..I believe you..

No, I really do….


Age, Cowbells and Honesty

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I can’t begin to explain how truly out of shape I am. I somehow forgot that 3 years of my life have passed and I kinda forgot to..ride, run, or just keep in shape in general. I am not saying I am throwing in the towel give me the sweatpants and a bag of chips while I watch you ride kinda out of shape. I am more at the it was ok to joke about being out of shape but damn maybe I should put in some effort.

As a yoga teacher I often talk about judging..don’t compare, keep your eyes on your own mat..blahblahblah..But, I also give my students 1-3 minutes of competing (usually girls against guys)..before anyone freaks, it is not very yogic but, yes it is very human. The competition: jump switches (mt climbers)..we go by hang time and ninja like silence…it is not really about who in the classroom is the biggest is more about “trying easy”…something that a student assumes they can’t do..realizes the following 1) I might as well try it…2) Let me try it again 3) this is kinda fun 4) I can do it..not perfect but I don’t mind practicing

The competition becomes a noncompetitive become a group of folks trying and enjoying the community which develops around it. By the end of our jump switches everyone is usually laughing ..not because we are judging more because..honestly, I don’t me it seems like there is an earned respect between all the students..You tried..You are a badass!

Back to my honesty of being not what I always type. I think I have become a person who used to be really athletic and started riding a lot..over the years that amount of riding has dwindled (in a big way)..but, in my mind it is still 3 years ago and it is ok to take a few days off..only problem a few days becomes a few months. So I am still talking about my 2 wheels of freedom..but the tires are flat and my saddle once again hurts.

So…(you knew I was getting to takes me awhile) I need to step up to the ol’ honesty plate..I need to practice what I preach and I need to let ya’ll know where I am…I need to “try easy” instead setting up 8 million excuses and road blocks as too why I can’t do it or why I am out of shape..excuses and road blocks make things hard and is a lot to keep up withJ

Trying just that…do this cx season in small bites. Don’t expect amazing results if I have been too lazy to earn them…

I signed up with Training Peaks…This was the first step in my road of “holy crap I am getting old and damn I am out of shape”..I have changed the start date three times (made excuses)..last night I was supposed to ride 1.5 hrs and I could only ride 30 min. I am supposed to do “rows” and I swear my bike has gained 20 lbs.

Today I am supposed to run and do hills for 30 min…So, my blog is my new coach…I will be dead honest with what I do everyday for training..I will be dead honest how I race and I will be dead honest when it is not going well..but, gotta keep plugging away… Feel free to leave me pointers or if you want to meet up and ride….

And now the debate of posting this or not….I am truly embarrassed as to where I am in my fitness. But, like my yoga students I gotta just keep doing might not be pretty, it might make folks uncomfortable to watch…but at least I am going to ride CX this season…


I mean..I gotta represent Black Sheep Cartel….My KC teammates need a little CLT love.



***grammar and spelling …sorry, if I reread I won’t post***

Being on time can be overrated

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The past few days have felt out of know the kind of week when you get to places at the nick of time and you remember things the last minute. At first I was all annoyed with myself..”why am I so out of wack..why am I not as organized”…blah blah blah. Yes, it does suck when you feel like you are running behind for an appointment which makes you run behind for the next…But, I have to be honest, I have had a breakthrough (I guess that is what it is called). I have been teaching yoga for a long time and I talk about being in the moment and being present. I talk about being your own truth. where you are when you are and be who you are as you are. As a teacher I truly believe the words I say..I truly believe that you yoga practice is a reflection as who you are in your daily life. Your reaction on the mat usually is pretty similar as to how your react off of the mat. I’ll give you a few examples..1) when things get tough in the outside tend to fight harder and sometimes it makes you more frustrated…when postures get tough on your mat..if you fight your way into them *(muscle into them) they get much harder and yes, more frustration begins. 2) We compare ourselves or try to keep up with what everyone else is doing..on your mat you might do it a few times but you realize there is no point. Basically your mat is a big teacher..yes, I am teaching and helping you along the way but when it is all said and done- you are your own teacher. So back to my out of wackness….BY (before yoga) I would have been upset and let it put a damper on things…but AY(after yoga) I have found that being a few seconds behind is not always bad. When there is a major time crunch..I will focus and get things done. If people are depending on me I am fully committed to my time with them… times your daily life will force you to become react in the moment. Now there are two things you can do if in this situation 1) try easy or 2) try hard
1) I have become a fan of try easy, (relax into a posture you relax into results) meaning your ducks are in a row..but if one is out of nudge it back into pl;ace..there is no need for a total freak out.
2) Trying kinda like muscling into a yoga only makes it harder..usually 1 freak out leads to another..

I hope you all have a “try easy” day…now if I am riding hills…I’ll get back to you


happy in quicksand

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Ever since the whole cancer scare I have felt moments of utter amazement of the world with moments of panic. The amazement usually hits when I least expect it. I have found myself with my windows down listening to The Cult loud (and I’ll be damned if I will turn it down at a stoplight). I will be sitting in a coffee shop, watching a kid bobble as he drinks his box of milk, with a huge grin (might look creepy-not sure yet). At times I look in rearview mirror and watch as Monks dance and raps his own version of “Channel Zero” (it is a clean version for all those who are worried). I feel like I am a lucky woman who has a lot of things to be thankful for.


The panic seems to blow everything else out of the water. What in the hell have I been doing all this time. I feel like I have gone through the motions to do things..but, I don’t pay attention to how I got there. I keep thinking,” holy crap, I am almost 35 and I still have no clue what path I am supposed to be on.”

I am also freaking out about riding in 24 HOB I haven’t been on my bike in 6 weeks..I am hoping I will get the OK to ride this week.

I feel like I’ve been living like I am trapped in quicksand. I am happy my head is above the sand, I can still breath, I can chat and smile- but if I move I sink deeper

so I just hangout in the same spot: happy but stuck in the exact same place each day.


The Weight from the Wait

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I haven’t chatted to folks online much..everyday life and not everyday life took over.

I have a lot to say but you will have to wait…as I am waiting and hoping the weight will be removed.

Think of this as a riddle..sometimes it is the only way you can look at things.



on another note TWIZZLERS my favorite plastic to eat! I decided if I was stranded with only one thing it would be..Twizzlers.




I have come up with reasons why..they should be the Macgyver choice of candy.


  1.  use as straw
  2.  use as snorkle
  3. make clothing
  4.  braid a rope
  5.  weave a basket
  6.  thatch a roof
  7. write out SOS on the ground
  8.  fake mustache
  9.  spare tube (ok, that is pushing it)
  10.  piping for a small irrigation system 
  11. general arts and crafts


Twizzler Dress from Project Runway

Twizzler Dress from Project Runway



Twizzlers never melt..hmm(don’t want to give out false info)..I might try and nuke one today and get back to you

Feel free to add other uses!


Oh yeah, Liz and the convict Kittens..Thanks for the text vent:)

Hopefully I will see ya’ll at the Dilworth Crit.













Wave ya hands in the air

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I guess this is when we all start with a clean slate..we try to become who we want to be..a lot of us start with ..” I AM GONNA GIVE BACK”


I think the giving back thing is easy…It is something that everyone gains in.  You help someone and you feel good.  Easy Peasy right??? The deal can’t just do it once you have to truly give back- “Pay it forward” in other words in all that you do find a way tol give back.  You can start easy..hold the door open for somenone!  My favorite is to give most people (I see ) eye contact and ask them how they are.  For those of you that are just trying to be a nice person the gains are obvious. For folks who like to be nice but it is fun to “feel like I am playing a game” this little gem does 2 things blind sides a perfect stranger and makes them think that maybe you were the guy/gal they met the other night. So in one swift movement you have made their day and made them feel that “Damn I really need to remember people…..where do I know them from”


Other ways to be nice: let someone in during traffic!! If you do this you can not pout that the car you just let in has the worlds oldest driver who would rather flip off a freak (with a bike rack on their car) you honestly think she is going to thank you??  You should thank her. You should thank her for making you miss that light.  When others are going about their daily lives you have the luck of being boxed in by Eve of Naharon.  This woman with the thankless hand has now enabled you to live your anthropological dreams. To view history all from your car. 


So this was going to be about new years…but I really do want to know why people do not wave..this hasn’t happened to me in awhile but it obviously bothers the hell out of me when it does.  I love it (no I really don’t) when someone talking on the phone, drinking coffee, eating a muffin all as their dog attempts to escape out of the drivers side of the window ( I swear this all starts to take place as soon as I do the 2 finger “go ahead” wave) blows you off after you let them in.  But this is the best person to test why “are you really letting them in”. We let people in because 1) it is nice 2) what is one more car, maybe someone will be nice later 3) don’t want to look like a total wank by never letting people in 4) wasn’t paying attention..didn’t notice traffic moved.  Let me explain the different levels of motivation and how the non-waver can put a kink in your day


1)    It is nice: You don’t mind the are THAT NICE

2)     What is one more car?:  You are the kind of person who might throw the towel in early involving resolutions and is all or nuthin

3)    Don’t want to be a wank: You are too big of a wank to really care if they wave or not…if you were in the woods alone you might kick a tree over to see if it made a noise

4)    Wasn’t paying attention: If someone is in the car you play it off that you are too mellow to care while on the inside you have ripped yourself a new one because your sick of not being thanked


If you let me in..I am usually the OVER WAVER..the person who doesn’t want you to feel unappreciated.  You know this creates even more of an issue…I might even get those in the car with me involved in my wavefest..


Much love




Get Ya Hot Nuts!!!!

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I really could not think of any other title to explain day two of 100 degrees . The past week it has been in the high 90s…I see people out riding and they are doing the southern spin..meaning attempting to ride a good pace when it is humid and hot. You might as well ride under the ocean near a thermal vent. The other day I arrived home waiting to feel a blast of cold air as the front door opened..and as I stepped in I got “nuthin’..not a small hint of chilly just more heat with clumps of dog hair as my pups sheds for the third time. I looked down at Taupo (my dog) and she looked up with the “it is about freakin’ time you were home-wanna know what I did all day. I watched as my fur fall of in clumps bc it is 99 degrees in here.” I checked the temp it was a mere 88 in the house. I teach yoga in hotter rooms than this..I contemplated what to do as I sat in a Starbucks mooching a cold air vent. I though maybe it has cooled off now..Maybe the “I don’t wanna sweat when I get out of the shower” fairy has fixed the problem. I arrived home and it was still hot. I figured Ethan could check it out when he got home from the shop. When he arrived I did tghe classic,”I think there is something wrong with the air conditioner” (I know it is not working but I don’t wanna deal with it). Ethan went outside to see if it was running- it was but the fan wasn’t turning. Awesome, so it is working but not totally. It was the weekend and the heat and air guy would have cost a ton, we decided to ride it out. Saturday night was like camping on the equator with a down sleeping bag. The search for cold spots in the bed was nonexistent. The fact that the fans were on blowing hot air was a reminder of how a fan blows air..when it is warm it feels nice, like a little spring breeze. When you are trapped in hell, it feels like waking up to someone with hot breath ( not only does it hits the back of your neck) and it encases your entire body. After the night of no sleep I woke up and stepped outside-it felt like winter, like the end of winter when you can bust out your shorts but were a beanie and a sweater..

Later that day Ethan went to the shop ( where the air conditioning kicks ass..I stayed home to finish up some work. After changing into my third shirt I decided I was either gonna hang in my bathing suit or go to the bookstore. Of course I opted for the bookstore ( last thing I wanted to do is answer the door in my bathing suit (while rocking a “my thighs and torso rarely see light” tan). In the bookstore I went to the how to fix stuff section-(pretty sure it is called something else- but does it really matter) I pulled out books on air conditioners..Was I going to buy them “uhmmmm no”. Thank God my Mum made me take the speed reading course in my 8th grade summer. I found two answers 1) take it apart 2) call someone….I had nothing else to do, either way I was going to be sweating my ass off. So I put on my apron ( I use a mechanics apron for my “1950’s Mum baking cookies” look) and decide the air conditioner must be do that I must take it apart. Worst case scenario..I have to call someone. So I get stuck in and remember Monks and my nephew threw mud at the unit( yes, I said unit..feel free to are a tool, but feel free to giggle). I see nothing but mud and random grass stuffed everywhere. As I finished get everything back together my neighbor rolls up ( stay at home Dad who gives me hard time for being a tomboy) at that moment I have two braids with grass and mud stuck to them, sweat running down my muddy face and I am barefoot..(nothing says NC more than that). He was going to ask me to go to the pool but I wasn’t looking up to it. How awesome would it feel to jump in a cold pool…we chatted and after awhile of letting the mud dry on my face I went into the house..Into the cold air conditioned house…I the woman who is awful making cakes and casseroles rock at fixing air conditioners!!!



grocery shop

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A few years back as a friend and I were grocery shopping we noticed a bag of peas in the make up isle. For some reason we found it funny..well it is kinda funny. Each time I shop I notice foods escaping to another isle maybe in hopes to be what they are not. The other day I saw an uncooked chicken in the water isle. I will admit I have been too lazy to walk to another isle and I might put chips in the popcorn section ( they are close to each other). But, a cold body of a chicken next to the Perrier makes you wonder..what other short cuts does this person take..and will the staff put it back in the its section like it never left (thank God I am vegan). So, let’s get back to the chicken he has already been crammed in a small crate, stuck on a truck, dismembered and wrapped up in plastic to sit in an open fridge for folks to decide, is it the chicken for them.  So the chicken is taking a trip in the cart and with in seconds he is sitting in the water isle.  Not only has this packaged bird had a nightmarish existence it has now been decided,” hmm, I want something better.”  I imagine his headless little body jumping up and running down the isle to plead his case as to why he is a great choice.  The more I think about it..we are all kinda that way-we try to make ourselves into what we believe we should be along the way we let someone else label us.  Once that label is established we hang with like labels ( other nude birds).  Then along comes this giant hand and it scoops us up and we are stoked to be taking another adventure…woohoo, we are going to have a big ol’ time.  Then, out of nowhere the wheels stop turning mumbling voices are heard and you end up with the water.  Wait this is not what I signed up for..I was supposed to become the best roasted chicken you ever had…and you sit with your drumstick legs crossed and you pout and wait for another giant hand to change your direction…… I guess we need to change our own direction..make the transition…being a roast chicken ain’t all that..being a pasty white headless bird..well, I guess we can be the best carcus we can be..Wow all that from a random grocery store story.  Let me know what you see next time you walk down the isles.

Gotta hop on my bike and teach a class..I am sure I’ll write more later


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It was pointed out to me that there is a thread in bike forums that is railing on me..first I look like Skeletor- I freakin’ loved HeMan. But I like the Thundercats the best. Then there was the banter of..I was writing the post! I have so much time to write fake threads. I love writing BS threads about myself. Then there was the talk of wanting hits on my page. I didn’t realize that I would receive payment per hit. I better get out there and write some more threads.

Honestly, I have been in my sons room writing V-Day cards-the ones we used to give out in lower school. Those cards crack me up. I think we should give out cards to random people. You know what I mean..we all have our own routine in the morning be it getting the news paper or coffee from the same place. How awesome would it be to hand out cards to people: saying “thanks for giving me a smile each day”, “Thanks for holding the door”, “Thanks for making me realize my coffee is less complicated than yours,”Will you be my Valentine bc I love the way you glare at me”, “will you be mine bc the way you flipped me off in traffic seemed so heartfelt”….I am sure we can come up with more….”Will you be my Valentine bc you yelled “get of the road” when my bike zipped past your car in traffic”, “will you be my Valentine bc you ran me off the road as you talked on your cellphone,ate your breakfast and picked your nose.”

Sorry for the rant..I was going to write about people who ride..Maybe I will in a bit..

Happy VDay Kids!!