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motivate..forced post

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I am ready to crash out




5:08 a.m. I am looking at the worlds brightest screen and attempting to motivate..I figure I need to ride my CX bike..heavier,slower and damn it it makes me feel like I am working more:) not to mention the looks I get from some folks.  You know, “what sort of Frankenbike  bike is that”


I am soooo out of shape. I rode and I rode slow..I am going through the..saddles suck phase…I haven’t been on a bike in so long I can’t figure out where I need to be…as I was riding people kept passing-at first I started getting pissed with myself..Then I realized I am working towards getting back to where I was…being out of shape sucks..but it is a good reminder of..why staying in shape is so important..I worked on photo stuff from 10:00 until 6:00..I feel so tired but it is in a good way…I am riding with Chad at 7:00 am’ll be nice to have someone to chat to and pass the time..we will see



Little Kicks without brakes

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IMG_1943I woke up and walked Monks over to LAX camp. On the walk home..I was in is 9:00 am and I am not sweating my ass off!! It was a sign..a sign to get my ass in the saddle and ride! I walked through the door and grabbed the pump..I looked at my back tire and it was shredded..not just a wee bit but a ton..last ride my bike wheel slid out from under me, but due to  my  upper body spaz out, I managed to recover. Need less to say I was not about to take it out. Then I saw my Vanilla out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t taken it outy since my 2 month break…I was switching my pedals out and Ethan reminded me that..I haven’t been riding and I haven’t been riding with out a brake in awhile. I told him I would be fine ( as soon as I said it I had the fear of eating it and proving him right)..I walked back to the bedroom and started getting dressed..couldn’t find my HRM..then I found it under laundry. I am not sure if anyone else knows the HRM dance..But, I am the queen of it. You know the moving around and trying to find your damn heart beat. Guys, ya’ll don’t have to worry about the second part of the dance..the sports bra placement twist. Then there is the which crap goes in what pocket..Getting dress makes me feel like Elaine’s Dance in Seinfeld (Little Kicks).

I am riding later on tonite… we will see if my gearing needs to be changed..I have already had several young riders inform me my gearing ise easy..”Look at the size of your chain ring…” Then I have to let these kids know it is 10 pitch..I still am old but at least they give me a little street cred…
I mean that is the only reason I ride…..




If you haven’t me you haven’t..I am begging for your help..I am even making a new duct tape skirt..send me stickers !!! DONATE




Me and the library

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Ever since I was a kid I have loved bookstores, libraries and office supply stores.  Bookstores because I like the way they smell and more magazines a girl will ever need.  I also feel like the bookstore is kind of like a casino.  There are no clocks and you can blow a lot of time and money in them.  A library is one of my building blocks to getting my life together and hoping to get a lot done.  I will look up from my computer and see other adults typing away with notebooks and papers piled up.  It makes me want to ask them if they are on the same road I am on.  I have been on the road of, I know I am on the road but maybe I am going the wrong way.  I know what I love and what I want to do.  I know how to do it but, I let the echos of old chatter decide what I can and cannot do.  Each time I sit at the library I feel like all the BS that others seem to think can’t come near me.  It is like the table I sit at is force field against those who say no.  Today I am still working on a yoga article that I owe Triple Crankset .  I have this mind block of..”there is noway you can write this.  I have a million ideas and I can’t funnel them into one good one”…I have a fear of completing things.  Yes, you read that right.  I guess if I finish something there always seems to be something else to do.  Basically I have become lazy and comfortable with just getting by.  I feel sick to my stomach writing this and total panic about posting it.  I have not been living the yoga I teach.  The amazing thing of yoga..there is no end, no perfect and no comparison.  I have been living..trying to find the end of where I am supposed to be.  I search for a place where I can be the perfect Mum, wife, teacher and athlete. I talk and type of training and my bike but I feel lame because “compared” to others I suck and I am slow.  So with my fear of completing projects:  In yoga I have no fear of pushing my edge to get deeper in a posture. In yoga there is always another posture from the one you just figured out.  In yoga you do not search for the end you search for the now.  In yoga if you look for the prefect you will always be doesn’t exist.  In yoga there is no attempt to compare.  I am too focused on my breath and my mat to be anywhere else.  So I guess the library is my place of “what’s the game plan”.


I swear I write a training plan out once a week.  I change  it and never really do it.  I don’t write about it because then I would have to do it.  If I did it I would have to put myself out there to complete something and let others compare me.  As I type this…I realize how wacked this all sounds.  I kinda lost my way.  So I guess the library is also a place I can organize myself enough to know what I want and how to get it.


Now, office supply stores…They are a place where I find total happiness..I kid you not all those things to organize myself to stay on top of my spend a lot of money for stuff I will use for about a week…I always run into other women and they say the same thing..I don’t know what it is.  I used to love getting new school supplies- it is kinda like the tabula rasa of the learning process.  Wow this was a total babble..I hope you all have a great weekend.  



Smell test

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I don’t care what anyone says..we are all forced to (every now and then) do the clothing on floor smell test.  Then there is the “I forgot my kit..Hey, I left one in the car from yesterday.” 2 smell tests with 2 different standards.

1) Clothing on floor:

questions to ask..

Did I wear it where people smoke or eat crap fried food? If yes, attempt dryer..if it doesn’t work..take the “I don’t give a rats ass what people think” approach.

Does it have stains that I can play off or at least make a good story?

Is it really clean?  Was it on the “I swear I’ll fold and put away”section of my bed….which means I threw on the floor to get some sleep.

2) Kit in car:

questions to ask…

How long was my ride yesterday..did I remember deodorant? Did I sweat or just Glisten( it is what girls do in the south…you can tell I was not born here bc after a ride I look like I went swimming)?

Did I take Shots and food out of pockets (Do I really care..if I did not)

How hot was it in the car ( the resting place for a still wet kit to roast in…mmmmmmm)?

Am I riding alone or is it with the usual group…usual group and self-who cares everyone gross by the end.  Riding with people you don’t know-hang in the back, fabreeze, drive with windows down or rub packs of gum on your jersey.

The final smell test that needs to be a little precise..smelling your water bottle before a ride..nuthin’ worse than dying for water and drinking mildew/protein water..