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Posted in Pedal with tags , on January 27, 2009 by Pip

there are so many things I would love to babble on about..But, my Mum told me:

1) my jokes aren’t very lady like

2)parents from my son’s school might read my blog

3)”you don’t want people to know too much about you”

1) it is known fact that I am a tomboy. My Mum thinks back to the days when I was homecoming queen ( no freakin’ joke) and model. I think back to the day my Vanilla arrived.
Everyone knows, “Lady like” jokes aren’t funny!

2) parents from my son’s school might read it..Once everyone started joining Facebook-my cover was blown.

3) I teach yoga..students are trapped into knowing everything about me..anyways-I am pretty boring.

I can’t sleep..I wanted to ride at 5am..3 hrs o’ sleep hmmmm