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Wave ya hands in the air

Posted in Pedal with tags , , , on January 10, 2009 by Pip


I guess this is when we all start with a clean slate..we try to become who we want to be..a lot of us start with ..” I AM GONNA GIVE BACK”


I think the giving back thing is easy…It is something that everyone gains in.  You help someone and you feel good.  Easy Peasy right??? The deal can’t just do it once you have to truly give back- “Pay it forward” in other words in all that you do find a way tol give back.  You can start easy..hold the door open for somenone!  My favorite is to give most people (I see ) eye contact and ask them how they are.  For those of you that are just trying to be a nice person the gains are obvious. For folks who like to be nice but it is fun to “feel like I am playing a game” this little gem does 2 things blind sides a perfect stranger and makes them think that maybe you were the guy/gal they met the other night. So in one swift movement you have made their day and made them feel that “Damn I really need to remember people…..where do I know them from”


Other ways to be nice: let someone in during traffic!! If you do this you can not pout that the car you just let in has the worlds oldest driver who would rather flip off a freak (with a bike rack on their car) you honestly think she is going to thank you??  You should thank her. You should thank her for making you miss that light.  When others are going about their daily lives you have the luck of being boxed in by Eve of Naharon.  This woman with the thankless hand has now enabled you to live your anthropological dreams. To view history all from your car. 


So this was going to be about new years…but I really do want to know why people do not wave..this hasn’t happened to me in awhile but it obviously bothers the hell out of me when it does.  I love it (no I really don’t) when someone talking on the phone, drinking coffee, eating a muffin all as their dog attempts to escape out of the drivers side of the window ( I swear this all starts to take place as soon as I do the 2 finger “go ahead” wave) blows you off after you let them in.  But this is the best person to test why “are you really letting them in”. We let people in because 1) it is nice 2) what is one more car, maybe someone will be nice later 3) don’t want to look like a total wank by never letting people in 4) wasn’t paying attention..didn’t notice traffic moved.  Let me explain the different levels of motivation and how the non-waver can put a kink in your day


1)    It is nice: You don’t mind the are THAT NICE

2)     What is one more car?:  You are the kind of person who might throw the towel in early involving resolutions and is all or nuthin

3)    Don’t want to be a wank: You are too big of a wank to really care if they wave or not…if you were in the woods alone you might kick a tree over to see if it made a noise

4)    Wasn’t paying attention: If someone is in the car you play it off that you are too mellow to care while on the inside you have ripped yourself a new one because your sick of not being thanked


If you let me in..I am usually the OVER WAVER..the person who doesn’t want you to feel unappreciated.  You know this creates even more of an issue…I might even get those in the car with me involved in my wavefest..


Much love